Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mike and Krystal

Today my sister Krystal and my super cool brother-in-law Mike have been married 5 years. They don't have any kids yet but hopefully that changes soon!! I hope you guys have a great anniversary! Thanks Mike for always being so fun and being a great hubby to my sister (except for the time you tried killing yourself on the rock cliffs at a Dagger Falls.) For those who missed this story, see my camping post. Anyway you are lots of fun Michael. I only wish you guys lived closer so we could hang out more often.

Krystal, I know I said I don't like you "drunk dialing" me just so you can pour your love out to your favorite sister, but in reality it is....well interesting listening to you as an emotional drunk...but also very thoughtful that you would think of me in your time of mental incapacitation. I love ya and wish we could hang out more often. You are a great auntie and my girls love both you and Mike so much. You guys are great! Enjoy the pics.

~Awww young love

Krystal and Mike always have great Halloween parties. Here are a couple of examples.

~~Halloween as Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo (it is from some cartoon that I can't recall the name) (I don't know what Krystal was)

~Mike as "Where's Waldo". I can't remember what Krystal was...something creepy though.

~Good times at the fair...I think Krystal is a hooker. Mike must be the Lone Ranger or something. Koda must have been his loyal cow dog.

~Thanks for the good times guys. We love ya! Have a happy 5 year anniversary and here's to 5 more!! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

This is great!!! Very 'sisterly' of you to do this for them!!!

They are a 'wonderful pair' to say the least!


Greg & Andrea said...

congrats to your sis! They look like a very fun, happy couple. Here is to many more years of happiness!

Anonymous said...

this is your favorit sister hailey. haha just thought i would let you know that it is not koda. it is romeo the evil one. :D. we still had koda at that time.