Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Vice Presidential Debate...Shamae's Thoughts (Not Loren's)

Who came out victorious?

I came into this debate with certain expectations about both candidates and how they would perform. I will admit all my preconceived notions about the outcome of this debate were wrong. I was assuming Biden would toss Palin around with his experience and I thought Palin would not be able to hold her own under Biden's clear experience superiority but both candidates did a fine job debating. Both had their strengths and weaknesses.

I saw this debate played out much like a boxing competition. Imagine, if you will, the red gloves of the republicans in one corner and the blue gloves of the democrats in the opposite corner. At the bell both sides begin dancing around the ring singing their own political song. Every once in a while Palin would take a couple of jabs in the air at Biden, he would successfully dodge the blows without offering much in the form of counter punches. It was as though Biden was dancing around the ring and saying to himself over and over "Never hit a woman. Never hit a woman." While Biden didn't offer much in the way of punches toward Palin, he wisely focused his jabs toward McCain who was seated nervously in the stands watching the competition and trying to enjoy a bag of popcorn with his fidgety fingers. The important question, however, is did McCain feel Biden's jabs? I don't think so. The fight, on both sides, was rather weak although both candidates did shine in some areas.

Palin is a good debater and when it comes to domestic issues, the woman can hold her own; however, she gets flustered easily. Often she would not even answer the question asked and would focus only on her own agenda. Did that drive anyone else nuts? Answer the question you were asked lady! But Palin did shine when talking to the American people. She is very charismatic and I will admit, as a person, I like her. She is friendly and she seems kind but the thought of her leading this country if McCain were to die, well it scares the heeby jeebys out of me! She needs more time. Maybe give her another 12 years and then come back to the ticket. I might be a Palin supporter then. Of course by that time she will need a new running mate because the already aging McCain would be 84 by that time! Yowsa!

Palin did stumble when the questions pointed toward foreign policy which most of us knew she would. She had clearly memorized things to say and it showed because her entire demeanor changed! AND, this is the kicker, she even got some big names wrong. She was talking about a General McClellan who is the commanding officer in Afghanistan...well sorry to burst her bubble but McClellan is a war hero from the Civil War and is not currently in Afghanistan. Hopefully he is resting peacefully in the Riverview Cemetery in Trenton, New Jersey. The name Palin needed was General McKiernan--he's still alive and kickin. She also gave the wrong number of troops currently stationed in Iraq. But who is keeping count?

Biden did a great job attacking McCain and not Palin because in the end it is McCain's policies that will further push the middle class down. Biden did a great job countering Palin's jabs. She was a good jabber, I will give her those props, although some of what she said was inaccurate. Biden was quite successful in articulating the fundamental differences between the red ticket and the blue ticket on some of the most important issues this election: the economy, health care, and foreign policy. Biden did fight back but without throwing many punches directly at Palin.

In the end, I think neither side came out with the knockout blow they were expecting. They both gave jabs and they both defended their positions but neither were stellar in performance. I don't think this debate will help or hurt either campaign.

So what does this mean for us as voters? Well this was a fun debate and I enjoyed it but I am more interested in the McCain/Obama debates because, in the end, they matter most. Obviously the VP candidates will have to uphold the presidential hopefuls policies so we need to focus our attention there. I don't think this debate will have a huge impact on the American people's picks. As we come into the last 32 days of this election, I think the American people are solidifying who their choice is and I am just anxious to see who will be the next commander of our great nation...obviously with the hopes that we put an end to the Bush dynasty and policies and move into a more "middle class friendly" administration.

Stay tuned for the next presidential debate on Tuesday, October 7. Those of you who read my blog for political commentary will have to anxiously await my thoughts because I will be in the Magic Kingdom during the next debate and will not be able to share my very subjective views with you all. Take care! :D


Jen said...

Thanks for your comments....I would LOVE to do pics for you, but I didn't have your email so I hope this is okay. Anyhow, if you come to town to do them I will charge $ get a CD with the copyrights to your photos so you can print off whatever you want. Let me know! :)

Jill said...

I am still so back and forth with this whole thing...I agree with Obama on some issues and disagree on some...same with McCain. Yet, I haven't voted once and I'm 25 years old. Utah will go republican anyways though so I'm not sure my vote will count! Love your insights though! Hope you are having lots of fun at Disneyland!

Dave and Jana said...

Oh Shamae I love reading your blog!I like how you compared the debate to a boxing match... your a good writer!