Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas this year and we hope you all did as well! Today we had plans to go to visit my dad, Loren's mom, and then to my mom's house but, due to a blizzard and tons of new snow, we had to stay here in town. It was nice and peaceful but we did miss visiting our parents. Fortunately, my sister Krystal and her husband Mike were in town visiting Mike's family and they were gracious enough to invite us to their Christmas dinner. It was delicious. Sure beats what I would have made because I had nothing prepared because we were planning on eating at my moms. Anyway, here are some pictures from our festivities!

This first collage is from Christmas morning. The girls had a great time and got very spoiled. Our families spoil them more than we do. Sydney did get a karaoke machine. Those who know Syd best know that 90% of her day is spent singing. She is a song bird and it was as perfect gift. Morgan got a keyboard, which she loves! Overall, it was a great day! Loren got a new game and season 3 of "The Office." I got a 30 piece new tupperware set (which I really wanted and am so excited about!) and I got a 1 hour massage at a local massage parlor (which I am also STOKED about!) Click on the collage to see the bigger pictures. Merry Christmas!
Here is a little slideshow from the Christmas Eve dinner.


wendys said...

I can't keep up with all your posts! You are a fantastic blogger. Glad the girls had a nice Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Liza said...

Shamae, it sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! That's awesome!

Ulberich said...

Shamae-I am glad you had a great Christmas! You are an amazing mother and I am so glad Sydney is doing better! Brady came upstairs when I was reading about her in the hospital and asked why I was crying. We will keep her in our prayers and hope things keep getting better! I too love the Angels song, I have forever and it always makes me cry! Take Care and Happy Holidays!!

Micah and Jen said...

Oh wonderful snow messing up the holidays! :) It was pretty though. Glad your day turned out okay!!!