Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morgan's 3rd Birthday

Wow I can't believe my little baby is already 3! She is such a sweet heart and brings this wonderful joy to our family. She is always making us laugh. For example, the other morning Morgan came into our room and asked if she could snuggle with me. I said, "Of course." Morgan is not much of a snuggler so anytime she wants to snuggle, I am game! Now imagine a dark morning. It is cold and quiet in the house. Morgan nestles herself under the covers and lays her head on my arm. It is just one of those peaceful mommy moments. I am trying to drift back to sleep and this conversation ensues...

Morgan: "Mommy what makes you happy?"
Me: "I love when you come snuggle with me."
Morgan: "Daddy what makes you happy?"
Daddy: "I love hugs and kisses from my girls."
Me: "Morgan, what makes you happy?"
**A brief pause as Morgan ponders my question.**
Morgan: "When I spit and when I run around."

Obviously we were unable to fall back asleep because we were suffering from fits of laughter. Anyway she had a great day! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I also have to mention that it is next to impossible to get a picture of Morgan looking at the camera. So I am very pleased with what I got.

~~The coveted light-up princess cake. Someone with a boy needs to tell me what boy cakes and gifts are like. I feel like I could open our very own Disney Princess store around here. :D Alas, I'm sure I will never know what it will look like to have a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake (or something similar). But despite our plethora of princess/pink apparel, I love my 2 little girlies!

~Yay present time!

~Thanking Papa for the great birthday books!

~Talking on her cool new Tinkerbell cell phone.

~New jammies, new mermaid barbies, and a new princess chair.

This was Morgan 3 years ago--itty bitty and in the NICU

And this is my pretty little lady today...Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


laurawh said...

I can not believe she is 3!! So cute. So funny about spitting and running around! Sounds like you do have a taste of how it is to have a boy! LOL!!

carrie said...

Happy Birthday, Morgan!!! That is just crazy! Loving the cake...glad she had a great day! I can't believe she said spit..HaHaHa!!! That is a classic!

Springer Family said...

What a cute little girl you have. Happy Birthday to Morgan! I like the Morganisms. I love what kids say they are to funny and it is hard not to laugh even when it is not the time or place to laugh...

KLTTX said...

She is beautiful. I wouldn't know the first thing about girl cakes and whenever we have to buy a girl present, I am lost. Hard to believe she is already 3. They grow up so fast.

Rissy said...

Tell Morgan Happy Birthday for us! We sure miss being in nursery with her. She's such a sweetheart! Our birthdays were last week, so you can tell her we're the same age. ;)

wendys said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!

ashycam said...

I cannot believe how big Morgan is. she was just Kayla size. How crazy is that. They grow up so fast. So when are you having another one? I just had to ask since it sounds like you get hounded about it alot. Love ya, and miss ya.

Micah and Jen said...

She's a character for sure! I only met her once and could tell she is a wonderful and super fun little gal! Happy Birthday Mo!