Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeding the Cows with Grandpa Dan

Yesterday we went and visited my dad. We were able to help him feed his cows! My girls love doing this and, since Syd had was having a high blood sugar day, the extra energy exerted helped to bring her sugars back down. Also, we forgot to set the day and time on the camera so ignore the date! If it were actually 1/1/09, we would have been dressed in thermal gear instead of just winter coats. :-)

~Me and the girls sitting on the back of dad's pickup with the hay.

~The cows hear his pickup and start following him through the pasture...they want their food!

~On the last couple of bales of hay I would stick slabs down and let the girls kick them off the back of the pickup. **disclaimer: I do not recommend nor do I encourage letting children stand on the back of a moving pickup, no matter how slow it's driving--I just happen to be a semi-professional in this area, having grown up my whole life doing this. Plus, this is just how you feed cows when they are in the pasture. It's a good learning experience for the girls. :)**

~After feeding we went back and had dinner with my Grandma Ruth! Everyone loves Grandma Ruth! She's the best!!

~My dad playing with Morgan. He tried to hide his face but Loren got the picture quick enough. lol
~Grandma with me and the girls. She always sends us home with cheese because she knows it is a zero carb snack for Sydney.


ashycam said...

That looks like so much fun.

Erin said...

That does look like fun. Aubrey would love to do something like that.

periwinkle4 said...

How fun! What a great experience!

Micah and Jen said...

Oh what wonderful memories that brings! And what? You let your kids stand up? Who would do that!?! I actually fell off a few times!!! :) And yes, everyone LOVES Grandma Ruth...how could you NOT? She is the most precious, wonderful, sweetest, amazing woman I think I have ever met. So fun to see her on here!!!

Megan said...

How fun for your girls!

The Lane Family said...

I love the pictures of your family and you guys out feeding cows. I am SOOO jealous because I would like to be out feeding cows not fighting traffic. Since I grew up on a cattle ranch I see nothing wrong with throwing hay off a moving truck!!

Dawn said...

Isn't it funny how kids love to feed cows? That is always a big attraction for our kid's friends when they come over.