Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Fever

Well our weather actually got above 30 degrees F today so we ventured out in the backyard and shot our bows. This is a great past time for our family! I had the camera and took some pictures and, since I am lacking the blogging motivation lately, figured this would be a fun little blog with cute pics!

On a different note, Syd got her quarterly A1C test done last week. In December we rocked the A1C world with a 6.7 (Click HERE for an explanation of an A1C.) However, such is the life of a diabetic, nothing that good lasts for long. The past couple months Sydney has had really crazy blood sugars. When we talk to her about it, we compare it to jumping on a trampoline. Blood sugars don't like being on a tramp, they like being on the flat ground. But there are times when they bounce around too much. This has been going on with Syd and her A1C was up to 7.5. This is still good for a Type 1. Sydney's pediatrician says he is happy with anything under 8 for a 5 year old with Type 1. We are going to work with our diabetes team next week and try and fine tune her insulin needs and hopefully get this crazy blood sugar off the tramp. :D It is actually pretty frustrating for me that you can be doing everything right and it still is so difficult to control. This is the nature of the disease and I guess I better just get used to it and be so grateful for such an amazing team of diabetic specialists!

I'm often asked why blood sugars can be so hard to control and the answer is simply-complicated. Pretty much anything can affect blood sugar levels from the weather, hyperness, inactivity, stress, illness, food, ect ect...the list goes on and on. Therefore, even the littlest thing can cause sugars to spiral out of control. We do the best we can and try not to get too overwhelmed...that's all we can do.

On a more positive note, once again we are going to join the Walk For a Cure sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and hopefully "Team Sydney" can have another successful year in helping find a cure! I'll post more information as it gets closer. Sydney is so excited to help "find her cure."

And after that long speech, here are the pictures from our bow and arrow extravaganza!!

~Dad giving the girls a quick lesson.

~Syd is getting so good!! She is only 5 and she is a great shot with great form!

~How cute is she???

~Morgan does so well too. She is just too cute!!


wendys said...

Looks like fun! It's kind of funny that on one of the warmest days we've had this year, the girls still have to wear their winter coats!

Stringham Family said...

How fun! I am so glad the weather seems to be heading in the right direction! Hooray for Spring! Both girls are so cute! Can't wait to hear more about Team Syd!

Josie and Wayne said...

Wow, that's so cool you guys do stuff like that. Looks fun!

ashycam said...

I just miss those girls so much. We are so excited to see you guys. We finally got our flight booked. We will be arriving in Salt Lake on Friday the 14th and we will leave the wednesday following Memorial Day. We will have to figure out a time to get together. I am sooooooo excited.

The Lane Family said...

I am sorry that there is so many challenges for Sidney having Type 1 diabetes and I know it is hard being a parent and watching your child go through so much. We keep your family in our prayers. On a happy note I love the pictures of the girls shooting bows. That is so fun and so cool!!

periwinkle4 said...

It is just so heartbreaking to know that your cute little girl is struggling with diabetes, but you really are doing such an awesome job being her mom and advocate. And I LOVE that you guys do such fun family activities - shooting bows?! That is awesome!