Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Happy A1C Day

Today Sydney had her A1C test. This is a test she gets done every 3 months. It measures the average level that her blood sugars have been. All our sugar molecules actually cling to the hemoglobin in our blood. Every 2-3 months these cells are replaced but if we take an A1C test, they can measure how much sugar has been clinging to the hemoglobin. By measuring this, we get an average A1C and it basically tells us how well we are doing keeping her sugars as close to normal as possible. It gives a better look at how well her diabetes plan is working. A good illustration of how this work is with the weather. Lets say during the months of May-July the temperatures ranged anywhere from 65-95 but for those three months the average temperature was 78. This is what an A1C does. Syd, over the past 3 months, has had lows down to 41 and highs up close to 400 (they aren't like this on a daily basis) but the A1C tells us on average what her sugars have hovered around.

A non-diabetics A1C is between 4-6. Syd's doctor is happy with anything below 8 for a diabetic child. Although that is high for "normal" person, it is good for a kid because it is pretty much impossible to keep their blood sugars "normal". Syd's last A1C was in September and it was 7.4 which her doc was really pleased with. I didn't know what it would be this time because we basically had to start from scratch with her insulin after she got her pump because it is different than having injections. Anyway today was her A1C test and it was 6.7 which is totally awesome. The only issue they might have is that they don't want her to have a great A1C because she has had a lot of lows to get to that point. Syd has her fair share of lows and I don't know if they are excessive or not because I have nothing to compare them too but I am really pleased with this A1C result. It is kind of like a little pat on the back in a situation where a lot of times I feel so out of control. Hopefully we can keep working really hard and be diligent so she continues to have great A1C results. Over time, having as close to normal as possible A1C tests will prevent or delay diabetes complications. So that is my little happy post for the day. Yay Sydney!! Below the picture there is a little chart that shows what the sugar levels are around for each A1C level

A1C level/ Average blood sugar
7 ---------170
8 ---------205


ashycam said...

Way to go guys. Sounds like you are doing great, and getting the hang of things. We hope you are all doing well. We miss you!!

Aubri Lynne said...

Wow that was interesting to read!
Good job, taking such great care of your sweet Sydney!

wendys said...

I am glad to hear she is doing so well. Good job parents!

Stringham Family said...

That is such awesome news! What a brave little girl! Great job keeping on top of things and making sure she is as healthy as possible, you are awesome!