Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interesting Day...

Oh blessed Saturday! We love Saturdays! Loren doesn't have to work. The girls are always excited for a full day to play and just hang out! I mean, honestly, is there anything much better than quality time with the family?

We got up and had a nice breakfast. Waffles, strawberries and turkey bacon. We've been experimenting with breakfasts because Sydney has been wearing her continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and it's been showing that her sugars spike every morning after breakfast to well over 300...hmm and I wonder why her last A1C was higher. Her sugars generally come back down to a normal level before lunch so we didn't realize that they were getting that high in between. Last week we went in and met with our diabetes team and they said we need to try different breakfasts. Sydney loves cold cereal. We don't buy anything fancy or sugary. Rice Krispies, multi-grain cheerios, ect ect. But these are also very simple carbs and get into the blood stream quickly and her insulin can't keep up. So, to help remedy this, we have been trying to increase the fiber in her breakfast. Certain types of fiber don't move into the blood stream and are slow to digest; consequently, this *should* help keep her bg from getting that spike. We also need to increase her fat intake with breakfast. Higher fat foods take longer getting into the blood stream. So we are hoping that combination of these things will help avoid that morning high.

So back to our breakfast: 1, 4-inch waffle with sugar free syrup (18 grams carbs), 1/4 cup strawberries (8 grams carbs), and 2 slices of turkey bacon (0 carbs). We had a grand total of 26 carbs. Her breakfast ratio of insulin is 1:10 (1 unit of insulin for every 10 carbs). Her pump delivered 2.6 units and we went on our happy way hoping for no spikes. I had just gotten out of the shower when my mom called and said my brother had a seizure and was in the ER...she lives an hour away. We put our plans to go play at the park on hold and went to the hospital. Right before we left the house Syd said she felt low...she was 49....yowsa kido!! So we pumped her full of juice...20 carbs worth and went to see my brother. While I was at the hospital with my mom and brother, Loren took the girls to another park and then on a lunch date to McDonalds.

I guess my brother had a bigger seizure that caused temporary blindness. He is doing fine now and is home from the hospital but being watched very closely by the eagle eye of my mom and step-dad. While I was at the hospital Loren called to tell me that Syd said she felt low and, sure enough, her bg (blood glucose) was 65...more juice! About an hour later they went to lunch where her sugar was still only 75. This is still an ok bg we just thought she should have been higher than that because by this time she had had 40 carbs of juice and 15 carbs of banana. So she eats lunch and gets insulin and an hour later is low again....and again....and get the idea. So now I'm thinking, what is going on??? She has been running high for like 3 weeks and now randomly she isn't?!?! She is past her honeymoon stage and so I am stumped. I guess we will just go buy some more juice boxes because I imagine she will be depleting our stash of "low goodies" quickly.

We did make it to my friend Lindsey's baby shower. I worked with her at Pizza Hut years and years ago! It was great to see her and her little baby boy bun in the oven! After that we went back to the park and then for our evening walk...the weather here has been awesome!! We came home and did baths and stories. It's been a good, interesting day full of many highs and "lows." ha ha ha did you get my play on the word "low." :-) I suppose we are going to be in for a long night but we have gotten pretty used to those. Anyway enough of my musings...onto some pics!!

~My little-big brother with his IV...the kid is 14 and is 6'4"!!

~Gabe and his size 13 clown feet. :D If his feet get any bigger my mom is going to have special order his shoes!

~Our beautiful day...this is me swinging with Sydney. She said swinging high with me reminds her of splash mountain at Disneyland. :-) Despite how the picture looks, I'm not standing on the bench. It was behind us, Loren just took the picture at a very perfect time.

~I didn't want to leave Morgan out of this post so here is a cute one of her at Chuck E Cheese.


Karpoozi said...

Just found your blog and I wanted to say that your daughters are so, so, so gorgeous!

sarefamily said...

I really admire all you do for Syd. I can't imagine having to think about those things all the time and keep up with it all. If there was a mom who could handle it, it's you, for sure. As a P.S. I haven't seen Gabe in like 6 or 7 years!! I can't believe how big he is now!! My little bro is about that height too. So crazy that our 'little' brothers are like twice as tall as us, huh?? Love ya girly!!

wendys said...

Sorry to hear about your crazy day! I hope Gabe is doing better. Poor sydney with her ups and downs, I hope it gets better for her soon. Don't forget, you guys still owe us a game night!

Springer Family said...

Sounds like a crazy day. I can't believe how big Gabe is! He and Kimball are the same age. Your dad is really tall right? Well hope things calm down for you and that Gabe and Sydney feel better.

ashycam said...

Hope Syds sugars start leveling off instead of this roller coaster. Sorry to hear about Gabe. Seizures are scary. I have seen my dad and my brother in law have seizures and they are not cool.

Dawn said...

Hope things have settled down a bit for you and that Syd and Gabe are feeling better.