Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phrases heard in a diabetic home...

I'm often amused by the things my kids say. I think that's common among most parents. However, I've realized there are some things that are said in our home, where there is a diabetic kid present, that may not be said in other homes...let me share some of our funnies with you. Hope they give you a chuckle.

~Morgan to mom, "Mom how many carbs are in my shirt?"

~Sydney to mom, "Mom I think satan made carbs because he likes to see me get poked."

~Morgan to Sydney, "Syd you have to share with me. I know where your shots are. I will poke you." --I know that sounds demonic, but she really is a sweet kid.--

~Sydney to mom, "Mom do people in China have diabetes or does their pancreas like Chinese bodies more than American bodies?" ---Ummm....what? I'm pretty sure diabetes doesn't discriminate based on race, creed, or color.

~Morgan to mom, "Mom does Grandpa Dan's horses have to count the carbs in their hay?"

~Morgan to Sydney in a taunting voice, "Sydney I'm gonna catch you and check your blood sugar."

~Morgan to mom while I'm checking Syd's blood sugar, "Mom if she has to eat somethin' then I wanna eat somethin' too!"

~Morgan to mom, "Mom I want diabetes so I can drink juice in bed too and so I can eat as much as Syd does."

~Sydney to mom, "Mom I think I'm high because my blood is telling my mouth that it's really thirsty."

~Sydney to mom, "Mom how come it's not good for me to be high?"

~Sydney to Morgan while they are playing barbies, "Mo do you like being high?"
Morgan answering her, "Ya I fink [think] I like being high."
Syd's reply, "Well don't cause that mom of ours will get you with a needle if you're high!"

~Sydney to mom, "Gosh mom, if you would just learn how to take the carbs out of my grapes then I could eat more of them!"

~Sydney to mom, "Would you just not watch me for one minute!"
Mom with the slanted, quizzical eyebrow, "Why?"
Sydney with the little-girl eye-roll, "Cause I want a cookie but not a shot. Close your eyes so I can hurry up and grab one!"

Morgan to mom, "Mom I'm low."
Mom, "Morgan you can't be low, you don't have diabetes."
Morgan,"But I'm hungry and I want to eat something though!"


Amy said...

HAHA!!! This had me laughing out loud so much that my kids all came running to see what I was laughing at!!! Thanks for the chuckle!

The Lane Family said...

It is amazing what kids come up with! The fun part is that you have recorded it and someday the girls will get a kick out of it.

Heather said...

Oh what a crack up!!!!!!! I especially like the part when they were playing barbies and Syd said "Mo do you like being high?" lol!!!

periwinkle4 said...

The boys had to come listen as I read them to Chris - we were all LOL! My favorite is when she told you to not watch so she could have a cookie. Glad you put those up for us to read and you to keep!

wendys said...

Your girls are so funny. I can totally see Morgan threatening to poke syd.

Springer Family said...

That is too funny. You have some cute girls!

Teresa said...

Shamae, this is hilarious. Thanks for posting!

Rachel said...

LOL that's so cute! Things that come out of a child's mouth!! Thanks for sharing

Kristin said...

These are hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

Hi Shamae,

Sydney is so cute. You tell her that she has my permission to date Tristan when they are 16!!! I will make sure to introduce Tristan to her tomorrow :)

His pump is blue! With lots of different pump pack... monster trucks, cats, snowman and dinosaur (I think).

Thanks for the smile.

tiburon said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog!! So fun to meet other moms that are going through the same thing! I will add you to my stalking list :)

Jill said...

OMG! These are priceless hahahaha! Thanks for the giggle :) My favo one is the Barbie one... "Mom is gonna get you with the needle!" HAHAHAHA! Too funny ;)

Dawn said...

Too funny!