Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Fantastic Trip

Wednesday Loren had a business trip up north in the city my sister and her hubby live in. My sister also happened to have the day off on Wednesday so we tagged along so we could play with her! We had a great time! We even indulged in some sushi (of course I don't eat the raw stuff but there is nothing raw in a California Roll.) My girls, surprisingly, loved the sushi and the miso soup. They must get that from my mom because Grandma Kathy is a sushi connoisseur. :-) Unfortunately, the battery died in my camera and I couldn't snap a picture to document the occasion my girls ate and loved sushi. I guess that means I will have to take them back there can be so hard. :-) Thanks for the fun day Krystal! We will be back soon!

-On our way there we stopped at an outlet mall and went into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It was a delicious mistake. Thank goodness for having to be strong for Syd...we walked out with minimal candy and didn't blow an entire paycheck on homemade, delicious, tasty sweets! The girls really liked these bears so we took a pic next to them!

~Outside the candy store we attempted a family picture. This was one of about ten pics we attempted...better luck next time getting everyone looking and smiling at the camera. If my smile looks more forced and less genuine that is because it is...this was attempt #6. :)

~At the Carter outlet store Syd picked out jammies that said, "Candy makes me happy." She said, "Mommy I think this is funny cause I have diabetes." We all laughed about the irony of the situation and bought the jammies because they are so cute and Sydney is too cute in them! (In case you were wondering why she is poking her cheek with her finger, you will be pleased to learn, in sign language, this is how to say candy.)

~Morgan picked out super cute ballerina jammies. She loves how soft they are...the pants are a silky material. She kept rubbing them over and over.

~My sister with the girls.

~Loren playing "how far can you jump off the big toy" with the kids at the park. My girls watched on with blank expressions. I think they were pretending he wasn't their father. The other kids thought he was the coolest dad around. I just laughed. How could I deny a 29 year old man the joy that comes from playing on playground equipment. As I've said before, I think he is a kid trapped inside a man's body. It does keep things interesting, fun, and exciting at our house. His youthful demeanor is only one of the many reasons I like to keep him around. :-)

~Hi, I'm Shamae and I'm addicted to swinging. Don't be confused, I am not talking about the dance moves. I mean the actual sit in a swing, pump your legs, wide grined and closed eyes delightfulness. My girls have inherited this addiction from me because they too love the swings. They would swing all day if they could--as would I. Don't worry, I'm looking into a 12 step program.

Morgan gets so high that it looks like she might fall out but she doesn't. Instead she smiles and says in all her 3 year old glory, "Mom I'm a dare-debil." (aka dare devil) I like this pic because it looks like Morgan is going to kick my sister in the face.

~Sydney showing her stuff! Way to go kido! That's my girl!


michaelstubbs said...

Syd does have a great sense of humor to choose those pajamas. Sounds like you guys had a fun trip.

The Lane Family said...

What a fun trip and I love the picture of Loren jumping off the toys at the playground, I think Daddies are good at those kinds of things. The P.J's are so cute and if I am right I think you were in Boise and I sure do miss that area!! I am also glad to see the weather is finally nice!!

wendys said...

Are you blonde again? I think it's been a while since we've seen you!

Rachel said...

I love your pictures!!!! It seems like you guys had a great time. It's fun to see your husband playing with the kids.... even if your daughters pretended not to know him LOL

Megan said...

I love that Sydney recognized that irony. She's got a great sense of humor!

Springer Family said...

Looks like a fun trip. Sometime you should stop by in Twin Falls and see my family.

sarefamily said...

killer family pic!!! Those kind are the most classic- very true to real life!!!! I luv Syd's pjs- she makes me laugh!

A. and D. L. said...

That family pic is actually really really cute. You look so pretty!
How cute about the jammies. Sounds like a great trip! I am addicted to swinging too..even though my butt and hips have a hard time fitting on most of them.

Dawn said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I love Carter's clothes, where is the outlet? Do they have good prices?