Friday, April 24, 2009

Events to Mark On Your Calendar

I have some great events to share with my blogging audience. Get our your pens because they are C-O-O-L.

#1 would be a JDRF BBQ in Salt Lake City, Utah!

If you happen to live in the Salt Lake Area (and I know plenty of my readers do) and you want to do a good deed this Saturday and help out JDRF, a charity near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons, visit the West Jordan Macey's at 7800 South and 3200 West on Saturday, April 25 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

For only 1 dollar--yes you read that correctly--for $1 you will get a hamburger, bag of chips, and a drink! Re-read the above sentence if you think you misunderstood! What a great deal AND all the proceeds benefit JDRF. So go have a great family lunch for a buck! I wish I lived closer so I could participate in such a great, yummy event! And you can think of Sydney when you bite into that yummy burger and know that your buck is putting Sydney one dollar closer to her cure. Also know that we thank you so very much for your support.

#2 Super Cool event will be happening on Monday April 27 at KFC, a JDRF partner.

Help KFC promote their new line of grilled chicken. They have dubbed Monday the 27th as UNfry day. They know everyone will love their new product and, to prove it, they are offering a FREE piece of chicken on Monday, April 27. So visit your local KFC and ask for a free piece of chicken! You can't beat free! Visit THIS site for more information.
So there you have it, some great deals for great folks. Go enjoy yourself!


A. and D. L. said...

Hey Shamae, I'm THERE at the Macey's thing. I just put it on my calendar.
Thanks for posting this fun stuff.

Springer Family said...

Sounds fun! My uncle and cousin work at that Macey's and my uncle too have diabetes. Are you coming down for that?

Springer Family said...

I guess you won't be coming down for that I read a little closer. LOL.