Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barnyard Bliss

The day finally arrived and Sydney, unable to control her excitement, woke extra early, came into my room and proceeded to stare at my unconscious face, sleeping soundly in a state of cataleptic bliss. It wasn’t long before I detected the secretions of Syd’s morning halitosis seeping into my dream and I woke with a jolt. Even through my groggy, sleep deprived eyes, one look at her beaming face reminded me it was field trip day at preschool.

We made our way to the kitchen to enjoy breakfast. We checked sugar, weighed cereal, and gave Syd a bolus of insulin. She inhaled the food and got dressed. By now it was only 7:30 a.m. 2 ½ more hours until the coveted field trip. Morgan was even feeling the field trip love and got dressed without throwing a fit. The morning was good. The time passed, much too slowly for Sydney’s liking, but eventually we arrived at the petting zoo. And this is where the pictures will tell the rest of the story with limited commentary from Shamae. :-)

~Bolusing for breakfast.

~The tortoise. Sydney is telling Morgan to be careful. Morgan is a much more daring child. Most mishaps in our home are started by my curious, beautiful little Morgan. When Syd saw the tortoise was ok to touch....

~She decided to give it a try. You can't see it but her other hand is clinging to my friend Jen in case things go awry.

~Playing "American Idol" on the stage at the zoo.

~Her and her friend Kendra arrested! They are in the big slammer.

~Morgan feeding a baby goat.

~Morgan is such a fun kid. She will try almost anything once which is great and scary at the same time.

~Sydney feeding the goats. Notice her stance. She is ready to know, in case the cute kid goats morph into flesh eating, fence destroying creatures determined to annihilate the human race.

~Cute Syd patronizing her camera wielding mother.

~Morgan checking out a hen and her eggs. Overall it was a very fun day!


Rachel said...

Well Tristan and I both think the pictures are adorable. Look like you guys had a great day! :) Love the comments by the way LOL

Audrey said...

It's fun to see the difference in personalities between Morgan and Sydney. Hailey also loves going to McKee's but won't go into the bird room anymore. All the birds freaked out and made a loud noise which scared Hailey.

Josie and Wayne said...

Looks like fun. I really need to take Audrey back there. She loves that place.

periwinkle4 said...

That just made me laugh. How fun! I love how you write and I love seeing the difference in the kids. I know that parenting and lifestyle have some effect on how kids turn out, but seriously, the attitude comes with the kid straight from heaven (even though sometimes you have to remind yourself - I mean myself - that IS where it is from).

Becki Kress said...

How fun! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

tiburon said...

Look at her ROCKING that pump! The field trip looks way fun. I need a field trip :)