Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Thanks for the tag Crystal. Just so you know I'm gonna steal some of your great answers! :-)

8 Things I'm looking forward to.....

1. A cure for Type 1 Diabetes! Yahoo!!
2. Going back to Disneyland.
3. Loren coming home tomorrow!
4. Remodeling our basement!
5. Loren's bonus next February.
6. Camping with the fam this summer.
7. My sister Krystal to get pregnant. :)
8. Finishing the book I'm reading. It's really good!

8 Things I Did Yesterday......

1. Stayed up til 3 a.m.
2. Took the girls to the library.
3. Celebrated Cinco De Mayo at Taco Johns...I know it's not authentic but it fulfilled its purpose! 4. Defrosted Chicken for dinner tonight.
5. Went to the store to buy milk.
6. Ordered a refill for one of Syd's prescriptions.
7. Played Candy Land with the girls.
8. Updated my blog.

8 Things I Wish I could Do.....

1. Find a cure for Sydney.
2. Play the piano.
3. Sing.
4. A guilt-free shopping spree!
5. Grow a money tree. :-)
6. Take a trip to Disneyland again.
7. Afford a gourmet chef to cook for us.
8. Sleep through the night. ha ha ha

8 Shows I Watch.....

1. The Office (all the way!)
2. Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives
3. American Idol
4. Biggest Loser--the last 3 weeks anyway.
5. Iron Chef America
6. I can't think of anything else...

8 People I Want To Read 8 Things About.....

2--Erin (Aubrey's mamma)
3--Lisa B.
4--Aubri L.
6--Tara S.
8--whoever else wants to!

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The Herrigs said...

Your video was beautiful...made me shed many tears. Hoping and praying for a cure:)