Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chasing some good numbers!

Well I know a lot of my diabetes posts deal with the negative, trying parts of Sydney's disease so I thought I would let my blogging buddies know that for the past 2 days Syd has had awesome numbers and I'm just so happy! I hope we can have a couple more rockin' days before things go askew again...which I think will be Thursday cause we are having a pizza party with some friends that day. Anyway we will enjoy it while it lasts!
Ok here are her near perfect numbers with very few lows to deal with...
A.M. snack--84
P.M. snack--143
Dinner 127
Bedtime 131
Nighttime numbers--99, 106, 157
A.M. snack--97
P.M. snack--137
We haven't done any bed time checks yet cause its not yet 11 pm here. Anyway here are some cyber high 5's for everyone. Yay for good numbers!!

P.S. just a question for other pump users out there. Do you find that you deal with more lows having a pump than you did with just injections? We had lows with her shots but it seems after she got her pump we have had more serious and frequent lows. Any thoughts?


Cram Corner said...

Hey! Boston had the same problemhe got lows all the time. We had to adjust his insulin intake at the times he was going low. I think with the weather getting warmer and kids playing outside I didn't relize that he needed a little something to keep him ok when he goes and plays.

The Herrigs said...

Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog:) We have had more lows with Kennedy since she moved to pump as well...I think the basals are what cause them. We just adjusted hers again because she was going low every morning. Fingers crossed that it works. Yeah for Syd's great numbers...

Wendy said...

WOOHOO!!!! I LOVE hearing about happy number streaks -- it totally makes my day :)

HA!!!! Take THAT diabetes!!!!!!

The Lyon's said...

I notice that with my pump as well. Just ajuste the basil and you will be good no worries I still have to do that with myself still. Its a never ending story. Good luck.

Amy said...

Wow- AMAZING numbers!! Gotta love days like that! So glad you got to enjoy those sweet digits! :)

tiburon said...

Those are fantastic numbers - our numbers have gone lower since getting the pump - but we still get highs too!

Dawn said...

Glad to hear Syd had such a good week. Hope things have stayed that way (I am way behind on my blog reading).