Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The A1C Sweats

Today was Sydney's quarterly A1C test. This day always brings on what we like to call The A1C sweats. Other T1 mammas know what I am talking about. Are we going to get a gold star or a slap on the wrist? About a week leading up to this day I randomly break out in cold sweats and my heart beats faster. Today was this day for Syd. She braved the phlebotomist like a champ. No tears at all! What a trooper.

The A1C gives an average of what her sugars have been doing. Similar to weather averages. For example, if over the past 3 months the highest temp was 81 and the lowest was 47 the average might be 72. This is what the A1C does. She has highs and lows but on average this is her A1C. In March her A1C was 7.5. Here is a handy chart to show what the numbers mean in blood sugar terms:


Syd's doc is happy with anything under 8 for a child her age. Here are some pics of her after the blood draw. I am happy to report there were no tears! That's right, Syd rocked it! Way to go girlie!

And her magic number this quarter is.......7.2. Not too shabby. Her doc was pleased. :-)


tiburon said...

7.2 is FANTASTIC!!!!


I call the a1c the "Mommy test" cause it tells me if I have been a good mommy :)

Rachel said...

Good job Sydney... and mom!!! :) I hate A1C test, they also make me nervous.

Tristan is lucky, the test is done at his endocrinologist's office so it's only a finger prick. Now when we only go every 6 months (during the winter) he has to have a blood drawn at the local hospital.

Wendy said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! GOTTA LOVE A NUMBER LIKE 7.2 ... doing a HAPPY DANCE in AZ for you :)

Great Job, Syd. You're a rockstar!

wendys said...

That's great news!

Darling16 said...

Way to Go Sydney (and mommy and daddy too) Olivia has her appointment July 8th, and I'm already feeling nervous about it!

Amy said...

Awesome! What a great number- so happy for you! :)

The Herrigs said...

7.2...way to go guys!! That is something to be proud of:)

Becki said...

Congrats Syd!!! That is awesome!!

Crystal S. said...

Way to go Sydney (and family)! As soon as I saw this post, I had to laugh. You must've been reading my mind. I am already dreading our visit on the 2nd. These tests make me so nervous, I make myself sick (like that's going to help -ha, ha). Brenner is pretty lucky, they just poke his finger, no blood draws for him.

Sydney you are a rockstar!

periwinkle4 said...

I'm so glad for you that the test went so well! And Syd is so stinkin' cute!

A. and D. L. said...

I'm so glad it went well!

Amanda Panda said...

So glad she got good results!

Dave and Jana said...

Wow! No tears! I think I would cry!

The Lane Family said...

Sydney is just so Cute!! and I think she is awesome having her blood drawn and no tears. She seems to handle things well and Good Job to you Shamae for making sure she had awesome numbers. I am sure that it takes a lot of attention and work to keep he numbers good and Sydney doing well.

Megann said...

Way to go! That's awesome!