Sunday, June 21, 2009

JDRF Rocks~

On Saturday we had the opportunity have our family kickoff barbeque for this year's walk for the cure. The theme is "Be a Hero, Find the Cure." JDRF stands for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. They raise money every year that goes toward research and finding a cure. JDRF is wonderful because the majority of the funds raised (I am thinking around 90%, correct me if I am wrong) goes straight toward research.

We had a great Saturday, even thought it was stormy with a high of 67. The rain did hold off during the eating and chatting and we were *very* grateful for that! Sydney met a few other kids who have Type 1. It was a neat little day. Our walk is unique because this is only the 2nd year our area has had a walk. We are still in the growing our family team numbers. Sydney loves this walk and we are so grateful they started one in our area. Pretty soon we are going to officially kick off our walk season and Sydney is so excited. This is one area where she can work hard and make a difference. It helps her to feel good about herself and feel like an advocate for her disease. Remember to check out Sydney's youtube video ! Pass it around and help educate more people about Type 1 diabetes.
Enjoy the pics!

~For lunch before the walk, the lovely Stacey M. who works for JDRF, introduced us to Cafe Rio. Wow. It was yum. I will be driving the hour to this place again! Thanks Stace!

~Syd helping Stacey draw names for the door prizes.

~Morgan with her favorite part of her dinner.

~Sydney and her new buddy Whitney. She is 5 as well. Whitney was diagnosed with Type 1 this past Thanksgiving Day. She is still on injections but should have her pump soon.

~Whitney getting her shot after dinner.

~A very little part of the Type 1 crew.
Top row L-->R Zach, Cindy, Becky,Ty
Bottom row L-->R Whitney, Whitlee, Sydney, Lainey

Stacey also introduced us to this lovely drink!! Drinks are interesting with Type 1 because, if it has carbs, you need insulin to drink it. Therefore when kids drink milk or juice or, on the rare occasion, soda (except for diet) it adds to their total insulin needs. When you can find drinks that are no or low carb, it is AWESOME because you don't have to give insulin. Esp when that drink is not a diet soda. They can just drink it with out checking their sugar, dosing for insulin and measuring the beverage so you know the carb amount for proper insulin doses. This drink has like 4 carbs in the entire bottle! It is yummy. Not too sweet...just right! It is a new fav in our home! Try it! It is a diabetics dream! :-)


Wendy said...

Looks like a bright and sunny day -- even with the clouds :) Yummy...we'll have to look for that drink! Thanks for the tip!!!

Your girls are such cuties!

Stace said...

yay! i had so much fun too...and i'm so glad you snapped that last minute pic at the rio. thanks again for letting me crash and for helping with the picnic!

Rachel said...

Great pictures!!! I'm glad that Syd made a new d-friend! That's really great. :)

Thanks for the tip on the drink, I will look for it and see if Tristan likes it :)

Becki said...

How great!!! What a great thing! We ate at Cafe Rio on Saturday for lunch. Mmmmmmm! I love it soooo much. It is by far my favorite mexican grill!

Stringham Family said...

I hate watching those videos of Syd, I cry like a baby every time! I honestly don't know how your little family does it every day! I will check out her website and see what we can do to help! Hang in there, so many people pray on your behalf every day for a cure! Hope the walk goes well this year!

The Lane Family said...

What a great get together and I am sure it helps Sydney to know she is not alone in dealing with this disease!!

I look forward to trying this new drink and I am sure the kids will like it as well!!

J.R. and Michelle said...

It is so great that your family is involved with educating yourselves and others about Syd's disease. I bet it makes her feel so great to feel important, and like she has control of something sometimes. That picture of her with Whitney is adorable. Hope the walk goes really great this year. I'm gonna go watch the you tube video now.

Kasi Lee said...

I am so glad you are such an advocate! Please let me know if you do any more walks or fundraisers. I would love to get involved!

Aubri said...

The video is sooo great. It's so emotional to watch and really makes one think. I love that song, I had no idea that Nick Jonas had type 1.
I'm going to pass on the drink recommendation to my two sweet friends with kids who have type 1, as well as the walk information.

tiburon said...

I am so jillious you got to hang with Stacey!

Now if I could just get you down here so we can chill :)

Megann said...

Your new video is awesome!! Lainey had to watch it again and again. She loved seeing her picture. Thanks!