Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Baaack

We had a wonderful camping trip last week. I uploaded a few pictures--which do nothing to show the beauty of this area. We drive about 4 hours each year to camp here because the scenery is so pretty. It's totally worth the drive. I love camping but I have to admit that it is always a little nerve racking camping in this area of the Frank Church Wilderness. There is no cell service where we set up camp. If there were an emergency we would have to drive awhile to get a signal. But we avoided any serious injuries again this year. (Minus my bro hitting his thumb with an ax but he didn't need stitches, just nurse Shamae to wrap it up.)

The girls did awesome on the hike too. This year it was a 10 mile doozy. Actually it wasn't that steep and was a really nice, beautiful walk. We did have a little diabetes faux pas--I didn't want to be dealing with lows during the hike for obvious reasons...it is dangerous. We gave Syd insulin for breakfast and then I figured her basal rate would cover her and she would just munch on snacks throughout the hike and all would be lovely. We were about a mile and a half to our destination point where we were going to eat our lunches before turning around. Sydney just pooped out on us. She wouldn't walk. She was grumpy. She was exhausted. Last year she did this same length of hike and it was much steeper and more intense so I knew she could do this one and knew her issues were blood sugar related. I kept asking her if she felt fine or low throughout the hike and she said she was doing great. She looked fine. I didn't think much of it until she just couldn't go any further. I checked her sugar...564. Hmmm guess my bright idea wasn't so bright. We gave her 3 units of insulin and waited about an hour. By that time her sugars were coming down and I decided to just head back to camp with her. So we only did about 8 miles of the 10 mile hike. But, for the most part, that was our only big blood sugar blunder. The rest of the trip she stayed pretty good. I still feel bad though. I should have checked her more often but she is pretty good at telling me how she is feeling. My bad.

On a more positive note, the weather was great! In the day we played in 80 degree weather. It did get chilly in the nights...dropping down into low 40s/high 30s but we were bundled up in the tent and were just fine. It didn't rain until our last night there and by morning it had stopped. It was wonderful! Anyway, enjoy the pics! We had a blast!

~Syd playing in the river.

~My, my sister Malory and my 15 year old brother Gabe. To give you a reference point, I am about 5'7" or 5'8" ish. He is a giant!

~Morgan giving me a cheesy grin at the lake.

~My hubby is just like a little boy sometime. He loved playing in the sand.

Morgan enjoying some roasted marshmallows before heading into the tent for bed. My brother-in-law Mike is looking so enthused in the background. :-)

~Morgan got tired while hiking and rode on Loren's shoulders for a bit...she fell dead asleep like this. It was so funny!!

~One of the scenes from our hike. Click on the pic to make it bigger. It's a gorgeous area!

~Morgan on the hike.
~Morning hair!

Me and my little sister Hailey.

~Loren and Syd


Stringham Family said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad Syd only had that one episode and that the rest of the trip went more smoothly! Looks like a great place to go camp! Glad you had so much fun!

michaelstubbs said...

Love that part of the state too.

A. and D. L. said...

What great pictures! I love camping!!
Glad you had fun-

wendys said...

I can't believe they can hike so far! My kids would have acted like sydney within the first 1/2 mile without the excuse of high blood sugar! What little troopers.

tiburon said...

Looks like such a fun trip! I don't think we will be ready for camping until next year... I gotta give Amelia one more year...

Amber said...

Seeing your pictures makes me want to go camping. We haven't made it out this year yet. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. :)

J.R. and Michelle said...

Sounds like it was such a fun trip!! I love the pic of Morgan sleeping on Loren's head! LOL! And Syd looks so stinking pretty in her morning hair shot. Your girls are gonna break some hearts I tell ya.

The Lane Family said...

Jealous!! That is the word that comes to mind, growing up we camped a lot in the Frank Church Wilderness Area and I lOVED it. I look forward to taking my kids camping, fishing and hiking in this area :)

I love the picture of Morgan falling asleep on Loren and their cute bed hair.

I am sorry about Syd and her high numbers you guys are amazing and so good at helping Syd through this rough disease.

carrie said...

Sheesh! What do your parents feed Gabe?! lol!! I cannot believe how tall he has gotten...what happened to the little boy I met 8 years ago?? Oh wait...8 years happened. ;) Fun pictures!! We have been camping the last couple weekends. We need to get together one weekend! Miss 'ya! Loves!!

Dawn said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I love all the pictures - the one where Morgan fell asleep on Loren's shoulders is great.

Emma said...

Camping is so much fun. We just droe 30 min to Scout Mountain last week, but it was a great ride!