Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anesthetics and Type 1?

Sydney had a dentist appt yesterday and we found out that her tiny mouth doesn't have enough room for her permanent teeth that are quickly screaming their way to the surface. (But no cavities! Woohoo!!) She has already lost her 2 front teeth on the bottom. But, in order to help keep them from growing in too incredibly crooked, they need to pull 2 more teeth on each side of the front ones. Basically we have to remove 6 teeth to make room for 4. She has a tiny little jaw. Sooooo this is all going to take place next Tuesday. I told them that I wanted her to have some type of sedation...even if it's just laughing gas. They said I could give her some benedryl to make her drowsy. I asked what affects this could have on her blood sugars and they said they generally see lows after doing stuff like this. The meds can cause her to drop low too. If I wanted, they have another sedation option for her as well. I'm just not sure which avenue we are going to choose yet. This is where I need your help!

I was wondering if any other mom's out there have dealt with this and can give me some ideas of what to expect...if anything...from the meds and procedure. I hate have to learn by trial with these things. One thing I have learned is that anything and everything affects Syd's sugar levels. So I am assuming this will be no different. I'm just looking for some type of heads up. Thanks!


tiburon said...

Ethan has had a couple of surgeries and it was never an issue. For the dentist we just checked him before and after.

When he was put completely under at PCMC they monitored him and everything was a-okay!

KLTTX said...

Sorry that I can't help with the question about how if will affect her sugars, but Davis just had 3 teeth pulled. We tried the laughing gas and novocaine shot first but he was very uncomfortable and screaming and crying. We did not want his first dental work (other than regular maintenance) to be a bad experience as that can lead to a lifetime of dentist fear. Our dentist offers conscious sedation. They give the kids verced which is a drug that makes them loopy (they are not asleep) and makes them forget what happended while they were under. The only bad thing is it is not covered by insurance and was kind of pricey (like $200 extra) but we thought it was totally worth it. Other than him being drowsy when they were done, he had no side effects and has no memory of the procedure. Just thought I would add my two cents here.

carrie said... know I don't have any info on Type 1.. ;) I just wanna say that it is crazy to me that Syd has two teeth missing already! I keep feeling Jayden's and they aren't even the tiniest bit loose! Although I shouldn't be surprised...I still had baby teeth in 8th grade and would've had them longer except my permanents started coming in. lol
But it makes me wonder when his will finally start loosening up.... hmmmmm.......
Do you have a pic of Syd showing off her toothy smile??

Becky said...

I can't believe she has lost 2 teeth already as well! Has your dentist mentioned braces yet? Caylee has a small mouth and very crowded baby teeth and he says we will probably meet with an orthodontist next year. Crazy. Anyway good luck with the teeth pulling!!

Priscilla said...

Caleb had teeth pulled before and all he had was a local. A lot of times we think anesthesia is the best route...I think it's more for us so that we know they don't feel pain.
Maybe you should get an opinion from an orthodontist before pulling teeth. The jaw grows so overall it might not be as bad.

Rachel said...

Sorry, I have no idea :( When we brought Tristan in they said that they also thought that we may have to pull teeth to make room. His baby teeth already didn't have enough room. He has lost his 2 front bottom teeth also. And honestly, the permanent teeth have made room for themselves and his teeth look like they will be straight.