Monday, August 3, 2009

Brag On My Man Monday

Well I have a great one today! Lately we have had some stresses going on in our home--mostly on the diabetes front--and, at a future date, I will most likely share those on the blog. For now, though, until we have more to tell, that is all I will say. (I will, however, add this disclaimer: I am NOT pregnant. I know that because Morgan is 3 1/2 people are expecting that announcement but the time for that is not yet.)

So last night I was kind of in a mood. I was laying on the bed reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He came in and proceeded to give me an amazing back rub after which he gave me a kiss on the forehead and said everything would be ok and that he loved me. Tender little moments like those are so nice and reassuring.

This is the hubby giving my grandma a kiss on the cheek. Awww how sweet.

So now it's your turn. What can you brag on your man about?


Liza said...

What a great husband Shamae! Those little moments are the ones you'll remember forever! And who wouldn't want to kiss your Grandma Ruth? She is awesome!

Meri said...

Hellooo! I just found you and I am happy I did! I was reading some posts and was fondly remembering my girls camp days, as a young woman and as a leader.

Now that I have four boys they keep trying to get me to work with the cub scouts. :(

Your daughters are adorable. Look forward to getting to know more about you.

Stringham Family said...

How sweet is he!
I got an amazing surprise from my sweet husband today! He called unexpectedly when I didn't think I would talk to him until Wed. He told me how much he appreciated me and all that I do to keep things together when he is gone, and how much he loved me and missed me. Although he wasn't here to do anything, it made my day. He also surprised me by pulling a few strings so he will be coming home with the very first group of guys on Wed. He will be home no later than 12 or 1 on Wed. the rest of them will be lucky to be home by 5 or 6 at night! I'm so excited and I love him for knowing how much I miss him and want him home. He is a great man! Thanks for letting me share!

A. and D. L. said...

Have you ever thought about nominating him for husband of the year? What a great guy you have there.
This made me think about something. I'm going to post it on the msg board in a sec.

My guy- Well nothing huge to brag on. But I AM happy he did tons of chores and yard work on Saturday!!

tiburon said...

Because this is a "family friendly" blog I won't brag on my man.

But I could. Trust me.

Dawn said...

Isn't it nice when our husbands know just what we need.

I have been a little, out of sorts, I guess you could say and Charlie has been really good about not being cranky and trying to keep things calm around here. Especially since I have been cranky enough for the both of us.