Saturday, August 8, 2009

Question of the Day

I hate death and everything associated it with but, call me morbid, I enjoy reading the obits in the paper.
What about you. Do you enjoy reading the obituaries?


Meri said...

Nope, not the obituaries.

I always read the letters to the editors, and they ALWAYS make me sooo mad! (We actually had to stop taking the paper because it upsets me too much.) But when we are at my inlaws, I always sneak a peek.

In my town I am an awful person because I support Target coming here. :)

Amber and James Johnson said...

When I have time and a paper I will read them. I like to know about strangers and what they did with their life.

Amy said...

I DO read the obits(I read our newspaper online)! They are always particularly interesting here in Alaska b/c people have such unique (at least to me) stories about how they came to live here in Alaska.

wendys said...

I used to read them when we got the newspaper for free! I like to read about what people have done with their lives.

tiburon said...

I don't get the paper...but I think it would make me sad :(