Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1--I'm thankful that my sister and her hubby stayed the night at our house last night! They are fun. Granted I did go to bed within 10 minutes of them being here but it had been a long day. See #2.

2--I'm thankful for our fair! I am a fair junky. Maybe I'm part redneck--who am I kidding, I am part redneck--but I love going to the fair! The food! The fun! The friends! Good times! Pics on that to come!

3--Syd's school nurse. She is awesome!! I have found many a numbers I needed with this website. Very helpful.

5--JDRF. Syd's walk is this Saturday. What a organization to be involved in!

What are you thankful for this week?


Adam and Tara said...

So many things to be thankful list could go on forever!! Good luck this great for you to be involved in the JDRF organization!! Go YOU!! :) I updated the blog again...just a reminder ;) Take Care!!!


The Lane Family said...

To pick one thing....I am grateful for cedar chips in the backyard and how they are repelling our flea problem.

Oh my gosh...I am such a redneck as well I LOVE the fair and I even was in FFA all through High School and judged cattle and also showed cattle. My favorite fair food...a really good corn dog and a big Tiger Ear oh and maybe a funnel cake :) There are not really fairs out here like in Idaho. So I can hardly wait to head back west someday :)

Good Luck with the JRDF walk this weekend!!