Monday, September 7, 2009

Brag On My Man Monday

Some of my readers may recall my black eye blunder from last week. Loren felt awful about the whole thing and, since he had Friday off, scheduled me an hour massage with a local day spa place. It was bliss! Definitely brag worthy.

What about your man? How can you brag this week?


Meri said...

My man spent the entire labor day weekend, building a new fence and gate, painting and replacing trim on the house and power washing the picket fence to be repainted by the boys. Sure any guy could do this, but my man is specifically doing all this just for me. I wrote a to do list and stuck it on the fridge a couple months ago. Since than every weekend he's been knocking stuff off the list.

The Lane Family said...

After being up a large part of the night with Kaylee and Aidan. He let me sleep and took care of Avery that was great!! I think it is funny that once you have kids some of the kindest things can involve loading dishes or getting up with a baby. He is great!!!

I do like the idea of an hour massage!!

J.R. and Michelle said...

Today is NOT a good day to ask! I'm not wearing my house dress today, and apparently as a news flash to everybody it's not 1954. So I hope that you all have happier things to say about your hubbies than I do today, cause today mine Sucks!