Monday, October 12, 2009

Brag On My Man Monday

Hey readers! Well this Brag post is a little late in the day but I've been running all around today! I went grocery shopping about 8:30 this morning. Got home just in time to put the frozen and fridge stuff away before having to pick Syd up from kindergarten. All the cupboard stuff was left on the counters. (It was my big twice a month shopping trip.) I've been running around until 8 p.m. when I've finally been able to put the rest of my groceries away. Like I said, busy busy day. Good busy though. Can't complain.

So my brag post is diabetes related. Since Saturday Sydney's numbers have been strange. They are either over 200 or under 70. Literally. I am just a *tad* tired from the long nights I've been up because I can't predict what her sugars are going to do. Well Loren, even though he has to work tomorrow, volunteered to take tonight's shift so I can sleep well. With the aid of a couple Benedryl or else I will hear him everytime he gets up to check her. Way to go Loren!
What can you brag on??


Meri said...

I was behind on the laundry and my husband magically finished it all. No, he didn't put it away...BUT he did lay it out nicely on the couch rather than throwing it there in a big wrinkled mess.

Enjoy the sleep friend! Enjoy it for all of us!

phonelady said...

Oh wow I dont have anything at all to brag about wish I did but nope not a thing . Oh well thanks for sharing and posting this .

The Lane Family said...

Awesome Daddy!!! I am along the same lines, Kaylee is cutting her molars and is up at least 6 times a night screaming. The other night Jim took her for most of the night so I could get some sleep.