Friday, October 9, 2009

The Glass Half Full?

I understand I've been slacking a bit with blogging this week. You know how it gets, sometimes you just need a break. But I'm feeling refreshed and ready to hit the keyboard again. I thought I'd start with an entertaining little story about how Sydney views the world. This kid cracks me up.

The weather today has been quite awful. Stormy. Cloudy. Cold. The downside of autumn. So we decided to have a movie night in. We brought the girls little table to the living room. I made Chinese Noodle Casserole. We put in The Lion, the Witch ,and the Wardrobe movie and enjoyed a lovely movie night with the girls. Engrossed by the movie, they both ate very slowly. Syd's blood sugar was 57 before dinner. 20 carbs. The pump gave her .8 units of insulin. Syd finally finished her serving and wanted a second helping. She ate so slowly the first time I didn't pre-dose her insulin for the 2nd helping--thinking she wasn't going to finish it anyway. If she happened to finish it I would dose her afterward. Well the movie got good. I was on pins and needles wondering (and yet fully knowing because I'd seen the movie before and just finished the book) if Peter was actually going to be able to defeat the White Witch. Would Aslan stay dead forever? Would Edmund finally cheer up? It was nail biting folks!

Well, unfortunately, I neglected to dose her for the second helping of casserole--which she did finish. The movie ended. Bedtime! Bedtime blood sugar was 305. Woopsie. At that moment I realized my oversight in her dinner insulin. Syd was upset and started to chastise me for forgetting. She wanted a bedtime snack but with a sugar that high she didn't need one. She was getting a *tad* grumpy. Then all of the sudden she got a huge smile and said, "It's ok mom. Now maybe you will give me too much insulin to correct my sugars and I will drop low and get a snack in the middle of the night!" Silly girl. We gave 1 unit to correct the high and hopefully it won't drop her too low. ;)

Well, I guess I'm off to bed now. It's been a long day! Actually it's been a long week! I need to rest up so I can tackle the 98 entries in my google reader that are haunting me! Have a great weekend everyone!


Meri said...

I missed you!
The boys outlook on things always keep me from the dark place my tired/overwhelmed mommy soul wants to take me...thank goodness for optimistic children!
(And what do I need to do to get that Chinese Noodle Casserol recipe? I can't imagine what is in it, and yet my mouth is watering just thinking about it!)

Rachel said...

LOL funny girl! :)

I have also forgotten to dose Tristan in the past. It sucks. But when Tristan tries to makes us feel bad about it, we admit to our mistake but we also remind that he needs to remind us to give him his insulin. We are slowly trying to teach him that it's his responsibility to get corrected for what he eats. Like I said, we take responsibility for forgetting, but at the same time, we use it as a teaching tool about responsibility for him.... I'm just talking in circles now... need more coffee! :)

The Lane Family said...

That is so cute about Miss Sydney's way of looking at things. For a little girl who has so much going on she sure takes it in stride!!

By the way we love that movie too!!!

phonelady said...

I just wanted to stop and say your girls are awesomely cute and yes it is very hard parenting a child much less one with diabetes . I have two boys one is 25 and a t1 and one is 23 and no medical problems . I just dont know how some parents do it with 2 or 3 kids with t1 . Hats off to them . Oh btw my name was going to be sydney just like your daughter but when mom found out that dad had a g/f with that name she changed it , thus I am cathy .

tiburon said...

Oh I can't tell you how many night we have had like this! I hope things calm down soon :)