Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hunting 2009

Well if you can't tell by this being my 3rd post of the day, I am trying to catch up on my blogging. Only one more post after this and then I'm caught up. Whew! All of these posts can count as my Thankful Thursday because I am very thankful for everything I'm posting about today. Maybe that is a copout but I'm going with it anyway!

From the time I was a little girl I've always gone hunting with my dad. Usually elk hunting but occasionally deer as well. This was one way we helped procure meat for the year. I grew up on a farm and we did what we could to be self sufficient. This was one such way to do that. I know for many of you who have lived in the city your whole life, this may seem like a barbaric custom but to us it's just a way of life. Now I am carrying on the tradition with my own family. Last Friday we packed up our gear and drove 2 hours into the great Rocky Mountains and hunted with my dad. We had all the appropriate gear: food, water, hunter orange, guns, ammo, and toilet paper. (For those less familiar with hunting, the hunter orange is a way for other hunters to see you. The animals can't see the bright color but other people can and it is a safety precaution.) We didn't harvest an elk on this hunting trip but the tag is open until November 30 so there are a couple more trips in our future. Here are a few pics.

~The girls with their binoculars, warm clothes, and hunter orange.

~The family.

~Sydney trying to spot some elk. :-)

~Me and my girls.
~The girls looking over a ridge, trying to spot some animals. They had a great time.


The Lane Family said...

This brings back so many memories!! I love fall and hunting trips. I was like you and went hunting with my Dad every year, for deer, elk and moose.

We did archery, black powder and rifle. The funny thing is I married someone who really does not care about hunting. Where my sister who does not care married someone who is a hunter.

I love the girls in orange and the family pictures!!

Meri said...

My grandfather used to own a hunting club, and he would take us up all the time. I was a good shot, but would refuse to go out deer was too much for me. But I loved going out on his jeep in the mountains to check the salt licks. Once when I was 5, a rabbit was running by and my Grandpa told me to shoot...I did and I hit it. I was so upset I couldn't breath...better yet he cooked it up that night and MADE me eat a bite. "we always eat what we shoot," he would say. I really just liked shooting cans and the fishing.

WOW~ The history of Meri, right here for you. Sorry for the novel. Just brings back memories. :)

phonelady said...

those two are super cute . yeah I was not much suited to hunting I like fishing and always have .

Laura Houston said...

Love the hunting pictures!
So cute! I don't hunt but I have been elk hunting in Montana and deer hunting here (in Texas). So fun but super cold!!

I love that you are passing a family tradition down to your children. :-)

laurawh said...

No camo under the orange? Here the men (or whoever is hunting but usually mostly men) are decked out from head to toe in camo with of course the orange vest or something! Oh this time of year!

Wendy said...

Love those family memories...very cute kids you have there!

Amy said...

Love the pictures....I grew up with my dad and brother deer and pheasant hunting in Iowa. My dad is still an avid hunter- although he doesn't do it for the meat. He gives the meat to a family in my hometown who love deer. Jeff is hoping to be moose hunting either next year or the year after..moose meat is just okay- better than deer. I would much rather he get in the lottery for a bison (there's a big herd about an hour south of us) !