Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

It's that time of year again! Time to hollow out pumpkins and carve faces into them! My girls love carving pumpkins and this year they weren't afraid to touch the "pumpkin slime." Way to go girls!

~Syd showing the camera she is not afraid of the pumpkin "guts."
~Trying to feed me the guts. :-)
~I think Loren loves carving pumpkins more than the girls. It takes him forever though because he is such a perfectionist. BUT his pumpkins always look awesome. They are prize worthy. :)

~Morgan oh so proudly displaying her finished product.

~Syd's work of art!


Megan said...

I remember Loren's pumpkin carving skills, your pumpkins are perfect. It makes it so fun for the kids! Happy Halloween!

The Lane Family said...

Way to go girls...handling the pumpkin slime!!!

Jim is the same as Loren, when he carves a pumpkin it is quite a process. I think it is the Type A thing to do!!

phonelady said...

way to go Loren . most of the pumpkin carving is left for us women . Good going .

Hallie said...

I love pumpkin carving!! Avery was looking over my shoulder while I read your post and she loved looking at the pics and seeing your girls! She thought it was pretty cool to see another kid with type 1- "just like me" she said!

Wendy said...

Super cool stuff! Addy won't have anything to do with the pumpkin "goo".