Thursday, December 10, 2009

Circle of Friend Award/ TT

My lovely friend Amy tagged me for this award and here is my list. I have the opportunity to list 5 things that I love. This will also double as my Thankful Thursday post.

1-My family! Love those guys! They make my life so eventful! Without them, I'd be bored much more often.

2-Self adhesive envelopes! Christmas cards were a breeze due to this nifty little invention! (Along those same lines, self sticking stamps! Do you remember having to lick them? Ugh!)

3-My D-moms. I know many people don't understand why I love my blogging community. There is just something special about being able to chat with people who know what you are going through. (Speaking of which...can my d-mom pals email me a picture for something I'm making for my blog. :D I need a pic of you or your kid doing something diabetes related...bolusing, getting a shot, checking sugars. Thanks! Click on my profile to get to my email. It's not anything big, just something hopefully we all can enjoy.)

4-The Christmas Season. I love it! Love the songs. The scents. The camaraderie! Great time of year!

5-Blogging. It's a great way to record milestones and everyday happenings. A great way to keep family and friends informed!

Now I get to give this award to 5 others.

Tiburon--Shark Bait

Megann--We live with Diabetes

Wendy--Candy Hearts

Rachel--What Life Has Become

Shannon--The Crazy-Good Life of Mommy Going Crazy

Sorry if you've been tagged before. There ya go! Can't wait to read your lists!


Megann said...

Ohh. This is fun. I haven't been tagged in awhile.
I totally remember licking stamps...yuck!

Meri said...

Can I just get on board with the self adhEsive evelopes? They are DA BOMB!!!