Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Long Night--again

All diabetic parents are all too familiar with the long nights associated with unstable blood sugars. We began having problems with Syd's numbers back in November. You can click HERE to read about them. She went back on injections for about a month. We were able to get rid of the pretty constant ketones and get her numbers stable again. We hooked the pump back up and since then her numbers have been so whacky. Either really high or really low. She has been in the 30s several times over the past week or she has been running really high. Not too much in the middle. It's been pretty frustrating because we can't seem to find a balance. It's hard to be exhausting your resources and doing everything you know how to do and still you aren't seeing great results. (haha sounds kind of like my dieting/exercising!)

Last night was extreme. Syd started climbing around 7 and no matter how much insulin we gave her, it kept going up, up, up. It reached 519 around 10:30 last night. Maybe we should have done this sooner but I figured the insulin would catch up with her and she would start coming down. No such luck. Syd had been getting out of bed over and over to use the bathroom and refill her water. Classic "high" symptoms. Her ketones were extremely high. So we got her out of bed. Changed her site. Filled a new reservoir with insulin. Tossed out the over half full one. And gave her an injection of insulin to bring down the numbers. We talked to the on call pedi. He called our CDE who then texted me at 12:30 a.m. saying, "Call me!" She wanted to hear first hand how Syd was doing and give us advice. She is so great. I love living in a small area where we can really develop great relationships with our diabetes team.

Throughout the night Syd had over 12 units of insulin (alot for a 40 lb 6 yr old). She never did drop low...just slowly came down after each consecutive shot during the night. She woke up at 93. Our CDE made a home visit to hook Syd up to a loaner pump. They really think Daisy is the problem. We called medtronic and we are getting a new pump Monday morning. So all in all, yay to us for keeping Syd out of the hospital! Yay for numbers coming down and hopefully we can get things to smooth out soon!

If you read all that, bless you! hahaha

~This was taken today to show her high numbers last night. Syd said, "wow that's just crazy!" (P.S. not sure why her right eye looks crossed.)
~Syd singing and signing a song she learned in kindergarten. She is a cutie. Loves to sing! She has a cute little voice. :-) As you can see, she is feeling much better today.


Hallie said...

Oh My! What a doll! I LOVE her song! I'll have to show Avery tomorrow! She will love it, too!

Yay to you for all you did last night! So glad she didn't have to go back to the hospital. I hope the new pump works and fixes the problem!

We were up all night too - basal testing! We're having similar issues. High or low - in range numbers are practically extinct right now. I just keep thinking that we're due to a good stretch of numbers, the upswing of the cycle....and I keep waiting. I'm sure you are doing that, too!

Hang in there! Good work! Luv ya!

Lora said...

WOW!! I have not had the "pleasure" of seeing that number YET! I will probably need to admit myself to the hospital when it happens :)I hope things get better with Daisy2!!!

laurawh said...

Oh wow...I can't imagine how scary that can be!

Jessica said...

Yay for no hospital stay! Hope the numbers start getting better!

Rosa said...

I am so glad she is feeling better. How scary for you and her! Kudos to your CDE!

Wendy said...

Such a cutie singing :) I LOVE AMERICA...I think it'll be in my head all night :)

Kudos to everyone for getting back on track. You guys are awesome!

Wendy said...

Dont you hate that?? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..
My heart is always in a panic for those stupid 5 seconds until his meter tells me his number. When its lower then 80 or over 250 It always stabs my gut just a bit ;) Its good that you figured out the problem was the pump and her numbers hopefully will all get back on track soon. I keep trying to e mail you a picture of avery for your little project but its not letting me pull up your e mail from the blog. My e mail is bwendyb2001@yahoo so maybe when you get a minute you can just send me your address there. I also have a few things i would love to talk to you about. Holy crap this comment is long! Talk to you soon..

Priscilla said...

Glad the numbers came down on their own. Tell Sid great job on the signing! She looks so cute on the video. :)

Meri said...

I love America and I love Syd!

Her little voice is so beautiful! I'm so glad she is getting a new pump. I pray it solves all the problems you have had! And hug your nurse for us...what a blessing she is to stop by your home!

Rachel said...

Ohhhhhhhhh what a cutie pie!!!! Can't wait to show it to Tristan! :)

Sorry to hear that you both had such a hard night! It really sucks when you are doing everything that you are suppose too and it's not working! With that much insulin on board you then have to worry about it catching up to her and dropping her. Then you have to correct the low and she may go back high and you start the whole process again!!! I hate diabetes. Ketones actually make me extremely nervous. I hate seeing ketones.

Great job keeping her out of the hospital and managing it at home! Give yourself a pat on the back you did an awesome job!!!! :)

I hope that with the new pump, the problem will be solved and you guys can go back to happy numbers! :) Keep up posted after you hook up the new pump.

The Lane Family said...

This disease is full of curve balls..ugh!! I am glad you have a wonderful team to work with and that Sydney has good parents who stay on top of things!! Let's hope Daisey is the issue and that with a new one things will get better!

By the way...oh my gosh that was a lot of insulin for such a small little girl!!!

She is so sweet and cute in the little video!!

Wortham Family said...

Oh man, you guys are amazing, poor little girl she is so strong. You guys are an awesome example to me. I love Sydney's song, She is so cute and she sing very good too!! Hope you guys have better luck with the new pump!!

Katie said...

What a little sweetie! You guys are amazing. I miss talking to you, we should go out to dinner one of these days.

sarefamily said...

all this while I slept soundly in my bed.... now I feel guilty:) HOpe things get better with the new pump. Will the new pump get a new name?????

Jen B said...

So that's the song Kendra's been singing for a week! Syd has such a great voice and she knows all the words and sign language! Too cute!