Friday, September 17, 2010

Our Family Vacation...with lots of pictures

Our coveted family trip has been changed twice so far this year. Originally we were going to head to Disneyland but then I found out I was pregnant so we opted out of the Magic Kingdom. We decided instead to visit the redwoods in Northern Cali but, due to pregnancy situations out of my control, my doctor won't let me travel that far. So, as a last resort we decided to head 2 hours away and enjoy a little family time. In the end it's not what you do but who you are with that makes a trip wonderful!

Enjoy the pictures!

~Popcorn after breakfast? Yes, it's true. We are are that cool. (But only on vacation. The rest of the time we are just mediocre.) :-)

~My hunny surprised me with one of my favorite candy bars, snickers with almonds. He has learned great wisdom, "It's important to keep your pregnant wife happy."
~We took the girls to an air force museum and showed them lots of different planes. It was really cool! If you look closely you can see the girls standing under the plane.
~This plane was HUGE! Loren barely comes up past the wheel.
~Loren took the time to teach the girls about various aspects of war. Syd loved it. Morgan got distracted easily but it was a great learning activity. At the end Morgan still learned that, "Americans fought the Germans and Japanese in World War II."

~At our hotel they had a fish pond. Apparently one of the fish is aggressive so this was the sign. It gave us a giggle so we took pictures of our Mo next to the sign.

~Unfortunately just because we are on vacation doesn't mean Syd's T1 takes a break.

~On one of the days we took the girls to a Dinosaur Park with life sized dinosaurs. It was awesome. The girls are still talking about it.

~Yes we are that silly...we take random pictures just because we know they will make us laugh.
~Morgan was scared of this dino.
~The 3-horn. The girls were being T-rexs and trying to eat the 3-horn
~The girls walked around a good portion of the 5 acre park like this...they were T-rexs.
~P.F. Changs. Yum! The girls got good at using their "cheater" chopsticks.
~Me and Miss Mo at a little Pizza place.
~A family pic at the end of our great family vacation.

~It is exciting too because next year we will have one more addition to our family in our trip pictures!


carrie said...

Haha! The picture of girls by the "Moe bites" sign & the one of them pretending to walk like dinos make me laugh. Fun pics!!

Meri said...

Awesome Pics! We missed you here in Northern Cali, but I'm glad you had a wonderful, memorable trip despite your doctors orders! Hooray for babies!

Jenni said...

Super fun! We LOVE the airplane it annually in our family! :) And where is that dino park at??? My boys would LOVE that! Glad you are taking it as easy as you can....soon, that little one will be here.....SOON!!!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Disneyland and the redwoods will always be there. You had the best reason in the world to stick closer to home -- a baby! :) Looks as though you all had a fab, fun time!

Wendy said...


It looks like a beautiful trip ;) Hmmmmm....maybe you can take a little vacay to MT some time ;)

Erin said...

I Loved the pictures. What fun. One of my favorites what the Pic of PF Changs. YUMMY.

The Lane Family said...

That looks like a wonderful family vacation and I love the place that I think you went...our family went to some of the same places and we loved them. Plus a vacation closer to home is okay if it means that mommy and the new sister stay healthy!!! rock pregnancy and look amazing by the way!!!

I love the fun pictures especially the one by the sign about Moe the biting fish and with Loren and the girls behind bars so funny!!!

Also it is always good when husbands learn what it takes to keep mommy happy when she is pregnant!!!

Melissa said...

Was that Hill Air Force Base? We live just across the interstate from there! We go there all the time. Still haven't been to the Dinosaur Park yet but we'll get there. I just can't believe you were so close to us. Looks like you had fun!

Rosa said...

Fun vacation!!! I miss you guys!! Lets have a game night or something before your new precious one shows up!!! And after too!!! Love the pictures of the girls on picture day also -- they are GORGEOUS!!!!

Misty said...

Aw looks like a really fun trip!

Jen B said...

Great pics! My favs: Mo bites and the girls being t-rexs!!! Glad you could getaway! :)