Monday, September 20, 2010

Syd's Walk for a cure 2010

First of all I owe a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped make Syd's walk a success. The official numbers aren't in but I'm pretty sure Sydney's Soldiers broke $4,000. It was a great year. So thanks to all who helped in one way or another, our donators, walkers, and people who helped spread the word. ALL of you are integral to making our walk a success!

We had the privilege of meeting up with some other d-moms/friends who drove about 3 1/2 hours to support our walk! We met for dinner the night before and had a great time walk day. Thanks Stacey, Wendy, and Shannon! Luv you girls and your support.

Now it's time to enjoy some pics! (And, due to many requests, at the bottom there is a 25'ish' week belly shot. :-)

~Shannon, Megann, Shamae, and Wendy!
~This pic is everyone mentioned above but Stacey--the super-cool special events coordinator for our JDRF chapter--is also in this picture. :-) Look at these hot mammas!
~My little girlies, Sydney and Morgan.
~A great poster one of our volunteers made with some of our local T1 kids.
~The beautiful Wendy and myself. She is so tan. I look like I could be in the Twilight movies with my pale face! ;)
~Sydney helping to cut the ribbon at the start line.
~My dad and his girlfriend Deb.
~Sydney and Morgan walking with my little sister Hailey and her boyfriend Josh. My stepdad Marc is at the right of the picture. I must mention too that my girls walked--all on their own--the whole 5k. They rocked the walk! I'm so proud of them!
~After the walk and luncheon we went back to my mom's for a little rest and an apple.
~And here is the much anticipated 25'ish' week belly shot. For those not familiar with the "weeks" counting system that pregnant people use, it is about 6 1/2 months.
Thanks again everyone for making this year such a success!!


Nicole said...

I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful walk day!! and btw you don't even look like you have a baby bump, I was HUGE!! for my 3rd, like HUGE.. you look great!

Reyna said...

Yeah. You look fantastic. AND. The walk looked like fun and such a success. Glad you got to hook up with some other D'Mamas while you were there.

Shamae said...

Well thanks ladies. This is how it goes for me though. I grow a gradual belly and then, by the end, I have a HUGE HUGE stomach. Trust me, it gets big as a pumpkin! But I love it...all the quirks that come along with pregnancy. It's such a special time!

Heather said...

I'm so glad to hear that your walk went well. And how awesome to have some other D Mamas along for the walk.

The Lane Family said...

Okay Miss look amazing!!! By 25 weeks I looked like I was about 40 weeks...that was with the twins and with Aidan...darn shortness!!!

I am glad the walk went well and what a neat oppurtunity for all of the family to be together.

Misty said...

Woohoo! Awesome job on your walk fundraising! Looks like a fun day. And you look great by the way!

Laura said...

I love the pictures!! And I love your little baby belly!! MWAH!!!

Jessica said...

Your girls are sure growing up! And Shamae, you are so cute pregnant! :) Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs. You are amazing! :)

Wendy said...

HEY! How did I miss this one???????

I LOVE IT!!!! LOVE THE PICS and LOVE that baby bump :)