Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some pictures of Morgan as a baby...or is it Hadlee?

When you have a new baby join your family people are always looking at his/her features and trying to decide which side of the family the new addition looks like. I have said from the beginning that Hadlee looks like a mini Morgan. Here are five pictures of Morgan as a baby so you can compare them to the post below that has ample pictures of Miss Hadlee. Let me know what you think! (Also, the very last picture is Hadlee.)

~~Ok this picture below is a picture of Hadlee. Compare it to the one right above it of Morgan. I think it's so funny how similar they look! (The main difference is that Morgan had jaundice and Hadlee has never had it!)

I have to add, when I showed this post to Loren he was arguing with me about the third picture down. He said that was Hadlee and I had made a mistake. He wouldn't let it go until I pointed out the date on the picture...2006 was 5 years before Hadlee's time. :) We just cloned Morgan apparently. ;)


Kaitlyn said...

Oh my! Hadlee does look like Morgan! You better label all those pictures with a date or name while you still know who they are! When my mom goes through pictures now, she can't tell who some of the kids are sometimes. lol!

The girls are so cute!

JP said...

Thanks for the reminder of doing 72 hour kits. We don't even have any. Now I know what we are doing for Monday night FHE. :)

JP said...

That last comment was Erin (Packer) :)

Wendy said...

WOW!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They look remarkedly similar! I have seen Morgan's 'look' in Hadlee since she was a few days old!
They are beautiful!
Love you,

Priscilla said...

Love the pics with the water bottle and the Wii remote! It shows how small they are. And they definitely do look alike :)

wendys said...

They are related, that's for sure! She looks so tiny next to that remote.

Misty said... those pictures! Hadlee sure does resemble Morgan. Keith & I have the same argument over pictures of the girls. I thought that I would never look at a picture and not be able to tell which girl it was. Now I have learned to label ALL of them!

I LOVE looking back at pictures that I took next to objects like your water bottle and fun to see how tiny they were.