Monday, March 7, 2011

Wow, I really am posting a blog w/ pics!

Well it's been a while! I don't know that I've ever gone this long w/out blogging. I do have a good excuse though...besides having a newborn baby. One day in the future I may even blog about it but it's too close to home right now. But, it has been a real rough couple months. I'm happy to say that we are on the other side of the mountain and hopefully things can get back to normal and we can focus on the fam and getting ready for Sydney's big trip to DC to lobby in congress for a cure. What a terrific experience! A friend did share a neat quote with me and I will share it with you, "Everyone wants happiness without any pain, but how can you have a rainbow without a little rain?" Ok, let me just do a quick little update...

The girls are all doing well. Syd had been sick and her blood sugars are all over the place. Hopefully they are starting to level out. Her last A1C wasn't great. It was actually the highest she has ever been at 8.1. (That is an AVERAGE blood sugar of about 210.) Her doctor said that's ok because we have had so much going on from my complicated pregnancy to her multiple strep throats and then getting her tonsils out then having the baby in the NICU plus the holidays...he said he isn't surprised at that number. Next month is her next A1C and I hope we see an improvement. I carry so much weight in the form of guilt when her A1Cs are not where I want them to be. Hopefully we have a lower one this next time. Sydney is doing terrific in school though and is excited for the summer. She hit her 3 year anniversary since she was dx w/ diabetes on Feb. 25. She wanted to "celebrate" with Chinese. I can't believe it's been 3 years.

Morgan is in preschool and loves it. She loves her teacher and has learned things so quickly. She is even doing little math equations now. She is a little lefty and so sometimes when she needs help with her letters it's hard to help her cause we are not lefties. Morgan is my little athlete and spends her days doing gymnastics all around the house. When she hits a wall she quickly says, "I'm ok mom and nothing broke." She turned 5 on Jan. 13. I can't believe how quickly they have grown up! But having older kids has been really helpful now that we have a tiny one again.

Hadlee is 3 months old now and is a dream baby. My kids have never been great sleepers but she will do 5-7 hour stretches at night and then go back to sleep til 7 or so. I've never had babies sleep in those big of chunks! We love it! She doesn't cry much unless she needs changed or fed. She is content to watch her sisters play. She loves to snuggle. She is about 9 1/2 lbs now. She gets her next RSV shot on Thursday and they will weigh her there. And, on an exciting note, Hadlee started giggling tonight. It was such a sweet little sound!

Now onto some pictures and I promise I won't wait this long to blog again. I have so much to write about and I need to catch up. And, most of these pics are of Hadlee but that's ok because she is the one that most people want to look at right now because tiny babies are so much fun! We are starting to take her out more now that she is getting a little bigger. She hasn't been to many places besides our house and grandmas. She seems excited that the world is bigger than our place. :) People still make me nervous because when we do go out, people want to touch her. We are starting to let more people hold her...but not a lot. Just close friends and family. There are still so many germs out there. She is doing well though and hasn't had any illnesses yet. Anyway...onto pics!

--Syd is SO brave with her blood draws! This was in January so don't mind me. I had just had a baby. :) The nurse had to keep wiggling the needle in and out to get blood to flow. Finally I said, just re poke the other arm. It will be easier than this cause I could hear Syd whimpering and stuff. Afterward Syd told me, "mom it was a lot easier to just get re poked." The nurse said they usually only have 1 shot with kids so re-poking is a last resort. Syd said, "Well I get poked all the time with my diabetes so I'd just rather have the other poke than the wiggling needle." It made the nurse laugh.

~We met up with one of Hadlee's NICU buddies. This is Brayden. He was born 8 weeks early at 3lbs 9 oz. He is doing well at home now. It was fun to see him w/out his tubes and wires.

~Hadlee always pulls her bows into her eyes. Syd and Morgan always had a bow on their head but, honestly, Hadlee spends most the time w/out one because this is how it always ends up. Here is she is sleeping but usually it makes her cry.

~Daddy napping w/ Hadlee.

~My dad and hadlee. One of the few pictures he is actually looking at the camera...but he wasn't happy.

~My Grandma Ruth, and one of my best friends! We went out for Sunday dinner yesterday and she got to see the baby.

~My dad's girlfriend Deb fell asleep after putting Hadlee to sleep.

~Grandma singing to Hadlee.

~Hadlee was smiling and cooing at Grandma. She just loved her!

~Hadlee in her nightgown. We call this her Cindy-loo-hoo jammies cause she looks like a Whoo from Whooville. :)


Tara said...

oh my goodness!! love love love how cute your girls are!! im glad everyone is doing well!!

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear that things have been rough!! but I'm glad that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I can't believe how big the girls are getting. WOW and Syd looks soooo grown up! Happy birthday to Morgan we almost share a birthday, mine is the 14th of January. and way to kick D's butt for 3 years!!

miss you and can't wait to read more!!

The Lane Family said...

I am sorry to hear that things have been so rough Shamae. I so love the quote that you shared and I SOOOO agree with it :)

We will hope that Sydney's A1C does come down next time.. we will keep her in our thoughts and prayers!!

The pictures of the girls are so fun and I cannot believe how fast Miss Hadlee is growing. I love her bow look and her cindy loo hoo jammies adorable!!

Her blessing dress was also so pretty!!

:) Tracie said...

You do exist! LOL!

What a blessing to be through the trials and doing well. Everyone looks so good! Tons of presents, smiles, and I love the G-ma picture...kindred souls! :)
(oh, I have a mom that avoids eye contact with cameras too...frustrating!) Don't you love when you get a good shot, it's like you want to tease them about it! Those are the ones we should blow up and frame!

3 years.....time flies huh? We reached 9yrs on the 1st of March....times' still a flyin'!

Be well, and thanks for the great photos!

Goodwin Family said...

Glad to hear things are looking better for you! Hadlee is so cute and makes me even more excited for my baby to be born!! I love the pictures with her and grandma ruth! She is one of my favorite people!! :)

wendys said...

Glad for the update. I can't believe how big your girls are getting. It was good to see you last month, sorry we had to sneak out early and didn't get a chance to talk to you.

Springer Family said...

Your girls are all so darling! Your grandma Ruth is such a neat lady!

The Herrigs said...

Welcome back...I was starting to worry about you. Hadlee is beautiful, as are all of your girls. I could totally relate to your post about Syd's high A1c...Kennedy recently had her highest A1C and I took it all on...I am determined to not EVER let it be that high again...I'm sure diabetes will have other plans...

Heidi / D-Tales said...

It was fun to "hear" from you again. Glad you're doing better.

All three girls are adorable. I loved looking at all the pics. I can understand why people want to touch Hadlee! She's so cute, tiny and precious!

dakotarowin said...

I wanted to say how much I love how dialed in is with the family and is such a positive impact on the girls. I wish there was a cure. It seems management is the most we can hope for for now. I thought you might find this article about the impact fathers have on juvenile diabetes and children's perception of management interesting and I wanted to share.