Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update on Hadlee & girls...

Well someday I promise to remember how I used to blog. :) I forget how much time a baby takes, even one as well behaved as mine. She hardly cries. She sleeps from 10-6 most every night. She eats great. Smiles all the time. Content. For example she laid in her bassinet looking at her mobile friends while I showered, put make up on, blow dried my hair, and styled it this morning. Not so much as a peep out of her. She is 4 1/2 months old now and just hit the 12 lb mark and is 22 inches long. She is beautiful with auburn hair that some days looks more red than brown. She has bright blue eyes and long lashes--but no eye brows-- and she loves to just sit and stare at me and send beautiful little grins my way. It's like her way of saying, "Mom I know you went through hell to get me here, so thank you." Sometimes it seems the NICU days were just a blur and other days I remember it so vividly. All in all, I'm grateful for a healthy little girl though. :)

Sydney is doing great as she is entering her last month of first grade. She is a superstar reader and is closer to the 3rd grade level than 1st grade. She is getting excited to go to Washington D.C. this June to meet with congress. A cure is needed. Some days I get overwhelmed with the reality of having a child with Type 1. Even though we have done it for 3 years now, sometimes reality still has a way of running you over and knocking you down. Sometimes I feel like we are dealing with a terminal many ways we are. Her A1C has been the highest it's ever been. It was 8.1 in January and was still 8.1 when I had it ran a couple weeks ago. I can't figure out how to tweak her numbers to bring it down. For those who are unfamiliar with the A1C code, that means her AVERAGE blood sugar number is over 200. Click HERE for a blog post I did about the "A1C sweats" that we mother's get every 3 months. But congress is a great step to keep our mission moving forward. Syd needs a cure. Syd needs a future free from diabetes complications. She is a great little advocate.

Morgan is entering her last month of pre school and is very ready for kindergarten. She is almost reading and can do basic addition and subtraction. She is feisty and always has a smart a$$ remark for almost everything we say or ask her to do. She is so great with Hadlee and willing to help with anything...diapers, feedings, snuggles, reading her books, or anything else. She is a wonderful big sister. Sometimes I worry between Syd and the new baby, she is feeling neglected. That's why we were trying so hard to afford to take the whole fam to D.C. so she wouldn't feel left out once again. But it just isn't happening this year...there is a reason we can call Hadlee our $200,000 baby (between pregnancy complications and NICU stay.) Anyway she is doing great though and keeps us laughing that is for sure. So, there is our update and onto the pictures.

A quick update on me. I generally don't talk to much about myself on here because I think my kids are just so much cuter and more interesting. But I will update for a second. During my pregnancy in the 2nd trimester my pelvis separated. It happened w/ morgan too but wasn't as severe. With Hadlee I had to use a walker or wheelchair to get around. It's a very painful injury. They said it can take 4-6 months to completely heal after delivery. I just haven't felt it was healing great though and last week we did xrays and it isn't healing properly. It has many bone spurs on it. They said that's from trauma to the area because of the separation and it also looks "arthritic." I'm not sure what that looks like but I guess it can look that way if you fracture or break a bone and it is trying to heal. My back is also out of alignment pretty badly. It curves like an "S." So it's going to take 3 appts a week and some pain to to get it all functioning properly again. They also found a heart condition during my pregnancy and they were hoping it would go away after delivery but it hasn't so I have some tests coming up with my cardiologist. Other than that though, we are doing well and counting our blessings. :)

Also, since I am so horrible with reading other blogs, please comment here and update me about your life. I miss all my internet friends!

~Morgan reading a book to Hadlee while I fold clothes.

~Hadlee is getting big enough to play in her little jumper toy. She loves to look at the figures on it.

~I love babies in overalls. :)

~She is such a beautiful little girl. Anyone disagree? :)

~We took a trip to visit my sister Krystal and her hubby Mike. We went to dinner and had the server snap a pic of us.

~Hadlee is looking at magazines with her sisters as we wait for their dental appts.

~She loves bath time and getting wrapped up in her big towel that my friend Brook made her. :) I need like 2 more of these things!

So, there is our update. We are alive out here. Just still remembering that babies take time. :) And when Hadlee sleeps, usually mom sleeps. :) I have started to read Water for Elephants. It is great so far. My bff Jessie and I plan to go see the show for her birthday. I hope the movie is just as good. Anyone read or seen it yet?


cyclomom said...

Good to see you have updates and you're still alive.
You sound barely alive, but functioning. Hope you heal quickly. I'm also reading water for elephants. It's okay, not quite sure I like too much though. Hope things are going good for you.

Loren said...

Hey Babe, it sure is great to see you posting again. I love the way you can write so well about our kids. Good job on the post.

Love Loren

Reyna said...

What a wonderful update on the girls Shamae! They sound fabulous and are ADORABLE!!!

About YOU! OMGoodness that sounds painful and like you are going through a lot. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You are one Rock Star Mama!!! xoxo

Tammy said...

Hearing about your pelvic separation makes me hurt for you. I had it w/both of my pregnancies. Spent months with both of them sleeping in the recliner. I was terrified of the condition/pain you're having now - I was so thankful when the doctor told me I had to have a c-section w/both kids.

I'm glad you have such a cooperative baby - it sounds like you need it.

As for the A1C, I just keep trying to add/tweak things daily. I have added cinnamon as a regular spice to everything I can. Easter kinda threw us for a loop, though.

I would ask the endo about slightly increasing her long-acting insulin. We recently jumped from 12 to 14 1/2 units, and I can't believe the difference it has made. I remember when a unit was big. (sigh)

wendys said...

I am glad to have an update. Your girls are so cute. I am happy to see that she is 12# now, that is great! You have had a rough year, that is for sure. You are a fabulous mom.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Good to hear from you again! You and Loren sure make beautiful girls! :) You have so much to be proud of! :)

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Here's to good health and feeling better for you!!!

Jenni said...

YAY a post with some pics!!! like I am one to talke! :) Life is just so busy that blogging doesn't seem so important as it use too. Glad that things are going okay for the girls....and for you, oh dear! i am so sorry to hear of all your medical problems. Is there anything I can do to help you? Not fun at all!!! My SIL read water for Elephants and said it was pretty in naughty bad. Just a warning if you haven't gotten that far into it yet...I was sad cause I wanted to read it but won't now. Still want to see the movie I think. HUGS!

The Herrigs said...

Your girls are so beautiful...thanks for the update!

Emma said...

Congrats on the new baby girl. We have one of our own coming to town today :-)