Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 6--I can't believe I haven't missed a day!

D-Blog Day 6--Saturday Snapshots!

Today, Karen from Bitter-Sweet Diabetes gave a great topic to write about. Back for the third year, let’s show everyone what life with diabetes looks like!  With a nod to the Diabetes 365 project, let’s grab our cameras again and share some more d-related pictures.  Post as many or as few as you’d like.  Feel free to blog your thoughts on or explanations of your pictures, or leave out the written words and let the pictures speak for themselves.

How can I best accomplish the task from above? I think the best/easiest way to get the message across would be to put below some of the videos I've made...and re-share one I didn't make. Please take a few minutes to view them and educate yourself on the day in the life of us, the L family. 

Sydney's Walk Video--this video has been used by our JDRF chapter for 3 years now. They play it at all their corporate events and to potential corporate sponsors. I'm pretty proud of the videos I make and I hope you enjoy them too!

This next video was the first one I ever made. I really like the music played in this one. I actually spent hours coordinating which picture I wanted to correlated with specific lyrics from the songs. Again, enjoy!

This is one more video I made a couple years ago to the theme song from "Cheers." One of the best things about a diabetes online community is that we get to meet  and commiserate with other parents who really, truly "get it."  Sometimes we just wanna go where everybody knows our name. And our struggles. And our successes. 

This final video I have shared several times in the last couple weeks. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, now is your opportunity! You can read the lyrics below if there are parts you didn't understand!  And, feel free to share any items you find education, touching, or entertaining from my blog.


The Type 1 Mom Song

Get up now, get up now. You look pale to me.

Check it now, check it now. We will have to see.

Are you high? Are you low? Do you have to eat?
Check it now! Do you have to pee?
Get your clothes. Are you wearing that?
Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Where’s your homework at?
Pack your lunch so you don’t have to eat school crap.
Don’t roll your eyes at me like that.
Quick eat so we will have the time to calculate the carbs.
Take your bolus so that you will not go high and have to check ketones.
Remember that the endo is expecting you today at three.
We will get the good mommy test grade they like to call your A1C.
Don’t panic, I’m sure that your log book is here somewhere.
It just can't grow legs and jump up and disappear.
Have you changed your needle since last week?
I swear to your dad I will have to speak. Don’t forget to check before you eat.
How many carbs are in that treat? 
Where’s the work you missed at school today?
Why not? What’s the problem? What did she say?
I’ll laminate that 504 and nail that sucker to your teacher’s door!
Don’t test my patience. I’m sleep deprived.
I have no life. Can’t recall my last vacation.
So I’ve closed the kitchen for the night.
It’s restaurant food. No carb counts. Hope I guess it right.
Grab your ball and skates it’s time to go
So we might be on time for once.
Get a juice and a snack so you don’t go low. Exercise is good you know.
Kick it hard. Jump high. What an awesome catch.
Strips and meter I will fetch. Check it quick so that you get right back
Knowing your number’s on track. Each day is a blessing. 
I give thanks for you being mine. The challenges are many. We will overcome in time.
Get your shower and your pump shirt on so we don’t have an incident. 
We can’t afford to repeat last years pump in the toilet accident.
Brush your hair, brush your teeth. Get your pj’s on.
Take your blood sugar now. Let’s see what wrong.
Have a juice. Take seat. Get a cold washcloth.
Get a-HEY DON'T YOU PASS OUT ON ME! Stay still until your 103.
Have a root beer, twizzlers, cupcakes, snow cone,
Snickers, juice or milkshakes. So if all your friends
Ate a thousand carbs you’d eat them too! 
If I’ve said it once
I’ve said at least a million times that we’ll get through all this!
I’m proud of how you handle it. How are your supplies at school? Do you have strips? Needles too?
What! We’re out of strips! Where is the Walgreens that’s open nights?
I’ll be right back, make sure your homework’s done and in your pack.
Get in bed. Get a hug and kiss goodnight. I’ll check you at midnight.
Don’t forget, I love you. And today we will repeat again for sure
Everday until a cure. You can help us find the cure.
Give now. Give now. Give now. Give now.
We thank you. We thank you. We thank you. We thank you.
Find the cure. The cure. The cure. The cure. The cure! The cure.

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The Lane Family said...

That is a GREAT song!!! I hope someday that this song will be a distant memory for all diabetes parents and patients!!