Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hair Cut & New Bed

Here are some pictures that will show you guys Morgan's new hair cut. It does look cute and she doesn't get the big ball of hair fuzz on the back of her head anymore. Those of you who have seen her in person know what I am talking about. Morgan also has been doing very well in her toddler bed and with potty training! We have been glad about that! Morgan loves her "big girl bed." Anyway enjoy the pictures!

-Morgan showing us her bag of "baby hairs."

-Morgan and Aunt Malory (the one who cut her baby hair off)

-Morgan's new little bob cut!

-Sydney always being a ham for the camera.
She told me "Mom take some pictures of me!"
So I did!

Morgan helping dad put her bed together. She is so
cute when she is helping.

-The girls kept putting this piece of bed in front of their
faces and saying "We're in jail!" I was surprised they
knew what a jail was. It isn't like we frequent the prison

-Morgan holding her "jail."

-We went and visited my grandma...Grandma Ruth!
The girls love her so much and have a great time with her.
That is who Morgan is middle-named after....Morgan Ruth.

-Just a cute B&W photo of the girls with Grandma


Ashley said...

your girls are too cute! :) thats funny your little girl likes the camera action! It is sad when your babies grow up. I only have a small feel for it cuz Hunter is only two months but time just flies. Im learning to enjoy every moment! Hey I dont have a myspace account but Malory looks so pretty in all of her pictures! wow He got lucky:) that is such great new about the little heartbeat! that is so exciting for her! tell her hello for me and tell her congrats. Does she not have a blog?

aubs33 said...

That haircut is darling!! Wow, time does fly. I miss the baby days too. Luckily the days when they are older are so much fun too! I keep thinking that it's a real possibility that in about 10 or so years I could have grandkids. Then I will have more babies to adore, yay~

wendys said...

Great pictures! Eliza is developing the same ball of fuzz on the back of her head. I look forward to the day we can cut it off to! Cute bed too.

Jill said...

I'm loving the haircut..very cute! Your girls are so adorable and I love the poses for the camera..maybe a modeling career is in their future! Keep the pics coming I love em! Oh, and I made a dinner appointment with Jenny and was gonna call you and then realized I totally scheduled a hair appointment at the same time..whoops..we will look at doing it another time..remind me what days work for you...

carrie said...

I love the new hair cut! That is what I want Olivia's to look like...assuming she ever gets enough! Good for Morgan that she is potty training..and yea for you also!

Erin said...

I don't see how your girls can have that much hair when they're just as blonde as mine & she hasn't got hardly any. Not fair. Love the pics of Syd being a goof & the whole jail bit. Kids are a riot, what on Earth did we do for entertainment before them?

laurawh said...

What a cute haircut! Your girls have always been super cute!! Oh my your song takes me back!! And yes it was upper 80s here yesterday and 80 again today! Sunday though it is going to be in the 50s. We have CRAZY weather! I will warn Jason he needs to stop biting those nails to make them long enough to paint! LOL!


Becky said...

So how much did you have to cut off to get that fuzz ball off? Madalyn has got it BAD!! I keep thinking it will have to be really short to control it. Its just the back center of her head. Cute girls Shamae! Our babies are growing up way too fast!