Friday, April 4, 2008

I Miss My Baby! Sniffle-Sniffle

My baby is getting all grown up! Last Tuesday when I picked Morgan (turned 2 in January) up from school her teacher told me that Morgan stayed dry all day and wanted to use the potty. I have been avoiding potty training until after I graduate in May just so I would be less stressed. But Morgan refuses to wear diapers...I just bought a nice big ole box a week ago too. Anyway she is doing great with training. She wants to be just like her big sister.

Then since she is well on her way to being a big girl in panties, I figured that she needed to move out of the crib in case she has to go potty at night she can get up and go. So today we bought her a toddler bed and set it up for her and she was SO excited! She tried to help Loren so much. It was really cute.

And FINALLY we decided to give her a hair cut to get rid of her baby hair. Actually my very talented sister Malory cut her hair. (She is open to doing antibody's hair too. She does an amazing job. She will graduate from cosmetology school in about a month. So if anyone wants their hair done email me!) Morgan's hair didn't do much anyway, other than get all knotted up in a big tangle ALL the time. So she has this really short bob cut. It is cute and totally fits her personality. I will update my blog tomorrow with pictures.

I am just kind of sad because I didn't realize this phase would go so quickly! Don't get me wrong I am happy about not changing diapers its just that I don't have a baby now. I have 2 little-big girls. Sniffle sniffle. I know each age comes with their own joys and I am really looking forward to that but I miss my baby!

**She was so LITTLE. My hand is HUGE next to her itty bitty body.**


Jen said...

Awwww!!!! Way to go on the no diapers!! We are stuck on the road to being potty trained...

KeekerBug said...

What a precious doll :)!! Hold them tight and tell them to stop growing up so fast (let me know if that works!). My girls are growing up way too fast as well! My "baby" just turned 1 (eeek!).

I always love your pictures!


carrie said...

Yes...they do get bigger...Tessa's three now! It's kinda sad to look at picture when they were little and know you can't get it back, huh! There is one rememdy for the "missing the baby" blues...yes, yes, I do believe you know what I'm talking quit reading this and get crackin'!
(Is that inappropriate on a blog?) sorry.... :)

wendys said...

I can't wait to see her new hair-do! She's such a cutie pie.

aubs33 said...

I totally hear you! She is soooo cute!