Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fair Fun!

We love the fair! It comes once a year and is a family tradition. The food is probably one of the highlights--who am I kidding--it IS a highlight. From the scone nuggets (my girls call them scone babies) to the funnel cakes, tiger ears, fish booth, teriyaki bowls, etc is great! I snapped a few pics and here they are.
~Syd on one of the swing rides.

~Morgan on the swing ride. ~Sydney enjoying corn on the cob--it's DELISH! ~What's a fair without some cotton candy! ~My cute hubby enjoying some fair fun. ~And whats a fair without scary carnival workers? Do you have fairs where you live? Do you enjoy them? What's your favorite thing at the fair?


Rachel said...

WOW!!! That scary carny woman looks like a scary carny woman that comes to our fair!!! LOL

We have an annual fair here once a year too. I use to enjoy the fair... not so much here... it brings out all the freaks from my town!! LOL :)

Tristan doesn't like most of the rides and Connor is too small for most of them. Adam loves the funnel cakes! :)

Stace said...

i love that morgan's shirt says "i don't have an off button"!! that's hilarious!

i've never been a huge fan of fairs. the food is great, but the gobs and gobs of WT people give me anxiety...and you know my fear of other people's [unsupervised] kids! BUT i would go with you guys anytime!

Mel said...

Fair food...YUM!

tiburon said...

Carnies scare me.