Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's Soccer Time!

For the next couple months Morgan is going to be playing soccer. She is so excited and has so much fun out there! And all the kids look pretty darn cute! Here are some pics from her first game on Saturday. Enjoy!

~Morgan and her little besty, Kamryn.
~Morgan and Kam walking off the field. Morgan takes her soccer serious! :-)
~Little Miss Mo-Mo w/ her soccer ball. Ignore the date on the pic. I forgot to set it.
~Morgan and mommy.
~Kamryn and her mommy--my besty--Jessie. (it rhymes--although I think the proper name is called a "slant-rhyme," yes?)
~Morgan giving the ball a good kick.
~Enjoying some sunny-d after the game in my super, cool "new-to-me" minivan that Jessie has so lovingingly named "the swagga-waggon." :-)


Donna said...

How fun is that??? LOVE the pictures! Thanks for sharing! =)

Reyna said...

AWWW...Cute pics Shamae. Thanks for sharing.

Mel said...

What a sweetheart!! GO MORGAN!!!

The Lane Family said...

Morgan just makes me laugh with her little faces!! What a fun will be for all of you and I look forward to more stories and pictures!!

:) Tracie said...

Look out Mia Hamm, here comes Morgan!

tiburon said...

LOVE that you are calling it the swagga-waggon!

That is fantastic!

And soccer is awesome. Unless you have one kid in soccer and one in baseball and they have games at the same time and then you have to pick your favorite child and go to their game...