Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome to Vegas...

Wednesday, April 14, was the Big Day. The anticipated day. A day, turned into 3, that was the foundation for a fabulous girl's vacation to Vegas. So, come along while I tell you about the trip through pictures! Enjoy! (Note: some pics are smaller because I don't know how to change them.)

But, before I begin, I need to give a GREAT BIG shout out to my husband Loren. His support was great. It would have been much harder to enjoy this trip if I didn't have his support. Thanks babe! Also, thanks to my mom, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law for helping watch the girls!

Wendy and Megann were my traveling buddies. Wendy already has her Vegas post done so feel free to click on her name and check it out! I must first mention, Wendy has a friend named Chris who has a magic show at the Hard Rock in Vegas. I am sending him love on my blog because he hooked us up. So, if you guys find yourself in Vegas, look up Chris the Magic Man's show and go to it!

You can click on Wendy's page to get pretty entertaining play by play of the events that transpired in Vegas and some more pics. I decided, for my post, I would tell some of the lessons learned from the trip.

I've never been to Vegas. I was so excited to go because I had several friends who emphatically announced how much fun is to be had in Vegas.

So here is Shamae's list of 10 things learned in Vegas.

10--As a kid, I collected baseball and basketball cards. In Vegas, I learned quickly that the cards being passed out on The Strip--although they are the same shape & size as sports cards--do not in fact contain athletes. Nope, no Joe Montana on thoooose cards. They are made especially for "special collectors"--which I am not a part.

9--It doesn't matter if you proudly wear a wedding ring...people go to Vegas for a "little less talk and a lot more action" if you know what I mean! That should let you know how wasted these men were to hit on one such as myself. (See Wendy's blog for more info on THAT storyline.)

8--My belief that it's not WHAT you know but WHO you know was re-affirmed. WHO we knew got us into MUCH, MUCH more awesome shows than WHAT we knew. xoxoxo again to Chris the Magic Man!

7--Slot machines are fun....ahem...once we figured out what to do with them. Some are quite tricky. This was Wendy's first time to a we got her broke in!
6--McDonalds and the New York Rollercoaster do NOT make a good combination. Poor Megann spent our last night in Vegas in her room. Very sick. Because of the above mentioned nemesis'.

5--The economy in Vegas must be booming! If they can get away w/ charging $3.00 for a soda from a vending machine...well they must be doing all right. Yes, I'm still bitter about it. I don't like paying that much to get my diet coke fix!

4--It doesn't matter what kind of stresses are plaguing your mind, a massage from A Touch of Las Vegas Day Spa will erase them all. It may have been the best 50 minutes of my life. Literally.

3--Walking through the MGM they had previews for shows playing. We saw a preview for a very scandalous show...which we opted not to see ;). Megann and I both commented how one of the main characters of this particular peep show looked EXACTLY like one of our dear JDRF special events coordinators (who happens to be a very good friend of mine). After a quick text to her, asking if she had a secret little life in Vegas I didn't know about, she confirmed that no, she did not. It must have been her doppelganger.

2--I learned that Wendy snores when she is a little...ummm...tipsy. Not just little snoring. We are talking a lumberjack sawing logs here. But, in her defense, she warned me! lol She is also such a super fun roommate! I do have a story about our dear, sweet Wendy...

Poor Megann was sick on Thursday. She was up in her room trying to recover and, in the meantime, Wendy and I had about $65 worth of free drink vouchers. So, Wendy decided to use them. Her and I were having a great time with the slot machines and not letting those vouchers go to waste...I sure did enjoy those Shirley Temples...and Wendy enjoyed her array of alcoholic elixirs.

After a few hours we decided we should head back to our room to check on Megann. We really were feeling bad she was missing out on our last night in Sin City. The elevator beeped at us as we stepped out onto the 12th floor. We turned to the left and went down the hall that had the picture of the dancing man. Our room was a ways down. I was walking and enjoying Wendy who wasn't 3 sheets to the wind but I would say maybe 1 1/2 or 2 sheets in.

As we passed room 106 on the 12th floor Wendy declared, "They have CHIPS!" You see, this particular room had ordered room service and the leftovers of their meal were waiting in the hall for housekeeping to pick them up. But, when you have an alcohol induced craving, even leftover food is desirable.

Holding true to the slogan of potato chips: once you pop, you can't stop, Wendy made an abrupt U-turn because those chips, "are REALLY good." She proceeded to take the entire bowl of chips back with us to our room...being mindful of the "crazy moving floors" which were not really moving. After concealing the lifted chips in our room, Wendy proceeded to enjoy every last crumb as we chatted until the wee hours of the morning about nothing in particular. Then, like a good girl, she returned the bowl to room 106's service cart. :-) The rest of the night we just enjoyed each other's company, chatting and laughing like teenagers. Then Wendy put on a shower cap and I mentioned that she looked like a lunch lady.

So, Wendy-the-Lunch-Lady-Who-Eats-Chips from room 106, was born--if you don't believe me, go visit her facebook page from last Thursday. The Lunch Lady made many status updates in her inebriated, lunch lady state. She was a great roomy. Lots of fun and created lots of laughs. It was a great night. I only wish Megann had not been so sick so she could have enjoyed it with us! Good times!

We made it...finally...the #1 lesson I learned in Vegas,

1--It really isn't about what you do but who you are with that makes the trip. Megann and Wendy were great companions. I *heart* both of them dearly. They both contributed so much to make this trip happen and to make it so enjoyable. Thanks for making my first, but not last, trip to Vegas a memorable one.
Enjoy the rest of the pictures!
--The slot machines. They no-likey Shamae.
--Before utilizing our VIP passes to get into Studio 54.
--Me and Gerry McCambridge...he has the show "The Mentalist" on CBS.And his show in Vegas rocks!!! I definitely recommend it! So, there is our trip! I hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks again Wendy and Megann for an awesome time!!
This whole situation is neat because Type 1 Diabetes originally brought us together--each of us has a child with Type 1--but it took more than just that to make us friends. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip with some gals who I consider wonderful friends.


Crystall Young said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! I love Vegas...

Wendy said...

Oh my Shamrock!!!
I had such a great time and wish it could have lasted longer! Thanks for loving me and my snoring logs, chips from room 106, lunch lady get up, and moving floors! Thanks for letting me play with your flat iron too :). I will never forget this awesome trip! Lychee!!

phonelady said...

Oh wow shamae looks like you guys had total fun and yeah I do remember my first trip to vegas wowza !!! My hubby has never been . My boss took everyone to vegas for x mas one yr and I throughly enjoyed it . The company shut down a yr later when the boss passed away and his wife sold the business . But I do remember Vegas !!!

Megann said...

I heart you too! Great times and memories!

Meri said...

I am so happy the three of you got together! And so fun you go hooked up with such great tickets!

Stace said...

hahahahah.....maybe i lied about my double life ;)

i'm so jealous of your little getaway! sign me up for next time!

tiburon said...

Sounds like a FANTASTIC trip! I love going to Vegas - as a visitor. I went to college there and hated it - but it is fun to visit and leave!

I try to get down there for a concert at least once a year. And once a year is plenty ;)

Reyna said...

YAY for you guys. It looks like so much fun. I love Vegas. Dave and I used to go for Fall Break when we were in college.


The Lane Family said...

WAY TO GO LADIES!! I think that is awesome that all three of you got away and had a great time in Vegas!! As moms with T1 kids I am guessing vacations do not happen that often!!

Misty said...

FUN!!! I want in on the next Vegas trip!