Friday, May 21, 2010

Quote of the Day...

(note: I accidently put quote of the day not question of the day. So...ignore that. It's a question. :)

Does anyone else's May seem to be disappearing before your eyes? If, like me, and you are behind on blogging--again. OR if you are caught up but your time is still super busy, answer my QOTD.
What have you and yours been up to this month?!?! Catch me up!
Here is my list:
1) My younger sister and her 18 month old daughter moved in with us until she gets married in July.

2) School stuff. Syd is excited to finish kindergarten next week and there have a few things that have occupied our time with that.

3) Yard work! Tis the season to prepare our garden for planting and kill the weeds. Etc etc.

4) Reading. Alas, I get into a good book and, unfortunately, it does take precedence over the cyber world.

5) Family stuff! Another younger sister, Hailey, graduates highschool next week. There have been some family get togethers.

6) This hasn't kept me busy except for 1 day, but yesterday was Jessie's 25th birthday! So, we celebrated with her and some other friends.

Soooo, that's a bit of my list. Your turn. Whats been keeping you busy?

P.S. soon to come a post with pictures!


tulipdjc said...

Glad it's all good stuff keeping you busy!! As for us, May starts the soccer and flag football seasons and with 2 kids in each, plus the winding up of school things I don't expect to keep up at all!! lol!

The Lane Family said...

You have been very busy and I am sure having Miss Sydney back on shots requires a little bit of extra time as well!!

As for us, preschool, yard work( we are a little of head of you due to our different weather), gardening, teaching preschool, illness and getting ready to come to Idaho!!!

Misty said...

Busy busy busy. Hope Syd's doing ok with the shots. I can't believe it is May either...actually May is almost gone already!
Besides chasing a 9 1/2 month around...I have been planning end of year parties and class teacher gifts for Ally's & Jessi's classes. But the most fun thing that has kept me away from blogging world is that my hubby and I got to take a 5 day trip BY OURSELVES!!!

Wendy said...


Craft Day, Game Day, Movie Day, Summer Birthday Celebration Day, Water Day, School Nurse Day, Teacher Appreciation Day ... and Kindergarten Graduation :)

Not to mention swim lessons EVERY day, work, and Zumba :)

Reyna said...

CRAZY, CRAZY, May!!! Sounds like you have been busy girl. We are in the process of moving...same town, just moving to a bigger home. I am a packing fool. We close on both houses this Thurs and Friday.

I too am behind on everyone's lives...makes me sad, but what is a girl to do!!!? Have a great w/e.

wendys said...

I've missed your posts! But glad to hear you are happily busy.