Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phrases Heard in a Diabetic Home: Part 2

Some of you may recall my post back in March, Phrases Heard in a Diabetic Home Part 1. You can click on the hyperlink, check it out, and have a little laugh if you happened to miss it the first time. Since then I have been accumulating more funny phrases from my girls. Things that, were it not for diabetes, we would not have the pleasure to laugh at. Enjoy!

Sydney to mom--"Mom we've got a bleeder!"
(This is referring to a blood sugar check where her finger produced a lot more blood than usual. When this happens, Syd calls them "bleeders." Of course I can't help but think of the movie There's Something About Mary...however, this situation is quite different.)

Sydney to dad-- "I don't want to be a mermaid anymore when I grow up. I just want my diabetes to go away. But I think I still want to be a mermaid. I want to be a mermaid without diabetes but if I can't be a mermaid I just want my diabetes to go away. But I really do want to be a mermaid."

Morgan to Syd--"Syd I want you to get poked with a needle today and not cry because I want to go to Arctic Circle and play on the 'lellow' {yellow} fish toy. Can you handle that?"

Morgan to Syd--"My barbie is really sick."
Syd to Mo--"What's wrong with her?"
Morgan to Syd--"It's something really bad like gum disease or something."
Syd to Mo--"Oh that does sound bad. Maybe we should amputate."

Syd to Dad--"I think I should give you a shot to see if you are really as brave as you want me to be."
Syd to Mom--"Mom if I gave daddy a shot I think he would cry like a girl."

Syd to Mom--"Mom when I grow up can I still live with you and daddy?"
Mom to Syd--"Of course. We would love it if you did."
Syd to Mom--"Good cause I know you guys wake up lots in the night to check me and I hate waking up at night so if I live with you I won't ever have to wake up in the night to check my sugars cause you can always do it for me. You know like when I'm a mom and stuff."
(Right because when she is a mom she won't be up at all with her babies. ha ha ha)

Syd to Mom--"Mom you know the naughty words Grandpa Dan says that you telled me not to say?" (telled is her word)
Mom to Syd--"Ya they aren't very nice so we don't want to say them."
Syd to Mom--"Well can I just say one of them?"
Mom to Syd--"Why do you want to say a naughty word?"
Syd to Mom--"Cause Grandpa Dan says bad words when he is mad at his cows. I am mad at my diabetes and I want to say bad words to diabetes. So can I say it?"
Mom to Syd--"Ummm no kids shouldn't say those naughty words. But thanks for asking first."
(Aww Grandpa Dan is such a good example to my children. ha ha ha)

How about you guys? Any funny things your kids have said lately that have made you laugh?


Rachel said...


Syd to Dad--"I think I should give you a shot to see if you are really as brave as you want me to be."
Syd to Mom--"Mom if I gave daddy a shot I think he would cry like a girl."

That is great!!! I love it :)

wendys said...

I want to see the doll they amputated for gum disease! Funny Girls.

Amy said...

LOL! I love the "bleeder"- that's a phrase in our home. Just had a massive one today! Thanks for the laugh! :)

Wortham Family said...

That was so cute, Jared and I just laughed you have such cute girls!!!

Megann Heath said...

It's ok Sydney. I want to say bad words about diabetes too.

When we check Lainey's sugar, she says, "Mom, what are the numbers?" Then she'll tell me the number on her meter. She'll get so mad when I pull the strip out before she reads the number!

The Lane Family said...

LOL!! That was the funnest post to read and I can tell that Miss Morgan certainly has an opinion and loves to be able to share cute what a little firecracker!!!

I love how Sydney asked if she could live with you so that she does not have to get up at night. I agree with you just wait tell her babies come in about 20 years!!!!

The whole naughty word thing must run in the group of working with cows because my Dad used to share a few with the cows as well and my mom had to remind us that it was still not okay even if Daddy said it!!

Darling16 said...

Too cute and funny!
Before checking my daughter's blood sugar My Olivia said to be...If I'm low do I have to get one of those round things (glucose tab). I said ...Yes you will have to. Then she said...good, I hope I'm low!

Hello Shamae. I've been bad about posting and reading others blogs too, but it's summer vacation for me now and I hope to find more time. I've got lots to tell! It's Olivia's two year anniv. with diabetes tomorrow. I'll talk with you soon.

J.R. and Michelle said...

This is a hilarious post! Your girls crack me up! And I love that Morgan just wanted syd to suck it up and not cry so she could go to Artic Circle. Hahahaha! Oh and you wouldn't be Shamae if you didn't ensure that we knew you weren't using the word "telled". LOL! I love it!

tiburon said...

Awww I can totally relate.

Although in our house with the "bleeders" we call them "gushers"

Kids crack me up!

The Herrigs said...

This is a great post...I love the shot one...kennedy does that to my husband too...and he does cry like a girl!!